How Pimcore PIM and Digital Commerce helps together in one software platform

Today’s connected customers look for two things when they shop online - relevant product data and engaging buying experience. They want instant information on the digital channel of their choice to make informed decisions. As a result, rich product content becomes pivotal for connected customer experience, better customer engagement, and increased sales. However, enabling this is not that easy.
How Pimcore PIM and Digital Commerce helps together in one software platform - Impression #1

Digital commerce brands that sell products through multi-tiered channel vendors, changing product catalogs, and long value chains face many challenges in delivering accurate content and personalized experiences at various touchpoints. The information, in many cases, is inconsistent, outdated, redundant, missing important data points, or even distorted due to the involvement of multiple siloed departments. 

For this reason, digital commerce is practically impossible without a system to centralize and consolidate data at one point where all the different platforms can singularly access it. 

PIM: The Single Source of Truth

Product Information Management (PIM) centralizes all the product information in one location to provide a complete, accurate, holistic picture of the product. It makes it easier to deliver rich product content in any language and on any device to customers, channel partners, and sales teams. This includes technical data (specifications, ingredients), usage data (descriptions, how-to-use), emotional data (product stories, rich descriptions), and additional assets (images, PDFs, videos).
Furthermore, PIM helps maintain consistency and quality of product data that is collected from multiple sources and combines them into a single source of master data. PIM can even identify and fix data issues and integrate with legacy software like CMS, ERP, SCM, CRM, and more.

Beyond Simple Data Enrichment for Digital Commerce

The significance of PIM integration for businesses cannot be overstated. But, diving head-on into a modern framework that spreads throughout the organization needs a well-planned strategy and roadmap for execution. And while there are many alternatives available in the market - there are only a few that take into account the holistic view of digital experience and product information. 

Pimcore understands this gap and aims to bridge it with strategically designed solutions to overcome the eCommerce challenges. Our offering suite comprises of everything from Product Information Management (PIM) to Master Data Management (MDM) to Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and more. 

Pimcore's open-sourced PIM centralizes and harmonizes all your marketing, sales, and technical product information by acquiring and managing any type of digital data from multiple existing sources.

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Powered by such solutions, Pimcore is uniquely positioned to provide consistent customer experience with detailed product information and ensured customer engagement. 

  1. Personalized, real-time digital experiences across any touchpoint - Deliver personalized content across every customer-facing channel. For instance, the same product information can have a different presentation and assortment requirements for a website and a mobile application. Connect with your customers better with content that is impactful across all distribution channels.
  2. Multi-medium publishing for digital, social, and print - With a ‘single source of truth’, enable synchronized publishing of product-related content across mediums like online platforms, social media, and print. Deliver digital product information to retailers, dealers, sales teams, web sites, customer portals, and social networks to facilitate customer purchase decisions and improve sales conversion. 
  3. Multi-channel delivery for automated publishing - Eliminate disparity and bring consistency by allowing access to one, central place for all stakeholders to collect, edit, or modify data. The implemented changes will reflect globally throughout the value chain so that there is no chance of inaccurate, outdated, or distorted data.
  4. Seamless content and commerce for better customer experience - Enhance customer experience and engagement with rich product content such as images, videos, specifications, accessories, brochures, and other knowledge assets. With Pimcore`s product catalog management, product data can be exported in different formats for other retail and channel partners and catalogs can be edited and maintained online by authorized teams. Ensuring the quality of all the product information ultimately elevates both customer experience and content delivery.  
  5. Single-source headless content-as-a-service delivery - Improve productivity by making it easier to synchronize, maintain, and share product content across all channels and retail partners.  Headless content capabilities along with content-as-a-service (CaaS) features can deliver content through an API-driven enterprise solution architecture. It can be for an online marketplace, mobile/web apps, social platforms, IoT devices, native apps, kiosks, and likewise. This creates tailored buying experiences across any customer touchpoint without additional infrastructure cost.
  6. Compelling and personalized digital experiences using analytics - Increase engagement with customers by creating compelling and personalized digital experiences, based on KPIs delivered from web analytics and business intelligence solutions. Solve the challenges of complex digital transformation by creating a highly personalized customer experience with exceptional scalability. Deliver positive brand experience and build customer loyalty while tracking traditional web metrics—visits, journey patterns, downloads, conversions, keywords, and more. 

To summarize

Getting a competitive edge in eCommerce can boil down to simply providing better information to customers and weaving enriched digital experiences. And partnering with Pimcore can give you just that edge. You can create cross-channel product information that's consistent and accurate, enable faster go-to-market, streamline product launches/upgrades, and improve user experience and conversion rates.

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