IPM Ulricehamn: A Pimcore Partner Success Story

IPM Ulricehamn, is a strategic brand agency working with brand oriented business development from insight to inbound marketing. They have a strong belief that the brand is the company's most important asset and they reflect this belief in their work. 

They develop a strong digital presence for their clients through detailed analysis, UX-design, front-end and back-end development. Working with SME B2B companies, they are using Pimcore as a great enterprise platform for their customers as they embark on their journey towards digitalization.

Since becoming a silver partner, they have done some great work and Pimcore is excited to share this.  We hope others can use this as a model for their own work and as a guide on how Pimcore is helping to transform the digital world.  Here are a few of their notable projects:

Swedteam AB is a hunting clothes and equiptment store with their products tailor made for specific kinds of hunting.  They rely heavily on their website to market and sell their products to their customers.  The system they were using before Pimcore made it very difficult for them to update their online product catalog and took a very long time.  The website was inefficient at best and deprived them of an opportunity to spread their expert knowledge of hunting clothes and promote their brand.  After being advised by IPM Ulricehamn, they used Pimcore to create a new homepage that was well-organized and easily maintained.  They also created a new product catalog with advanced imagery and usability.

Gäsene Mejeri is a Swedish producer of cheese made up of 37 farms that supply their own milk.  Before using Pimcore, they had a homepage written in Drupal with an outdated appearance and that was hard to maintain. Because it was so difficult to maintain, customers were often presented with outdated information on products and where to buy them.  This lead to missed business opportunities and lost revenue.  Thanks to IPM Ulricehamn – they started using Pimcore and created a homepage that not only beautifully displayed their story and products but also was easy for editors to use when editing and updated information. With accurate information, customers always know where to go and buy their favorite products from Gäsene Mejeri.

World Cup Ulricehamn is the name and homepage for the cross-country skiing World Cup event taking place in Ulricehamn, Sweden in January 2017.  The event committee needed to create a website for the event that would be able to present all event related information in an organized way so that teams and visitors can follow the journey leading up to the event.  World Cup Ulricehamn was advised by IPM Ulricehamn to use Pimcore’s Content Management system for the creation and maintenance of their event’s website.  They could easily set up their website in limited time and incorporate all required areas – teams, media & press, visitor information, ticket sales, and much more.

We are proud to have such an accomplished partner as part of our ecosystem!  To read more exciting Pimcore case studies please visit our case study webpage and to learn more about IPM Ulricehamn’s work please visit their case study webpage.

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