Latest Technology and Best Performance: Pimcore X Is Out Now!

Pimcore, the company behind the world's most popular Open Source platform for integrated data and customer experience management, announces the immediate availability of Pimcore X.
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„We are proud that Pimcore X is currently the first and only data and experience management platform completely based on Symfony 5!“
Bernhard Rusch, CTO of Pimcore

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The new version brings massive performance improvements and new features for enterprise-wide collaboration on product data, digital assets, and content. The updated technology base with Symfony 5, PHP 8, and ExtJS 7 improves the performance of PIM/MDM, DAM, DXP/CMS, and digital commerce solutions. Modules for automated import of data, new connectors for automated translation workflows, product data syndication to 2 500+ marketplaces such as Amazon/Zalando, an Adobe/Microsoft integration, as well as the new Experience Portals expand the service portfolio and facilitate the implementation of digitization projects.

Are you new here?

Pimcore is the world's leading Open Source platform for data and experience management. With the Pimcore Platform™, companies centrally manage their digital product data and customer experiences, ensuring perfect data quality and an optimal customer experience for every channel and on every device. In this way, Pimcore increases efficiency in marketing, sales, and digital commerce. The modular Pimcore suite includes functionalities for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP/CMS, and Digital Commerce and is available as Community Edition free of charge.

The pioneer of integrated software platforms
In 2021 the "best-of-breed" approach to software selection has become a relic of the past as confirmed by Gartner's Marketing Survey 2020. 59 percent prefer the security of integrated "suites" such as Pimcore. They offer the advantage of faster time-to-market and greatly reduce complexity in deployment, maintenance, and development. Pimcore makes it easy, fast, and secure to establish a central digital platform for data, content, and experience in your organization.

Pimcore is already successfully used by more than 100 000 companies - customers include Fortune 100 companies such as Pepsi and Stanley Black & Decker. The first version of the Pimcore Platform™ was released in 2010, three years later the Pimcore company was founded by Dietmar Rietsch (CEO) and Bernhard Rusch (CTO). A global network of 130+ implementation and consulting partners supports companies in implementing their Pimcore solution.


All Open Source benefits with optional Enterprise Subscription

In addition to the free Open Source Community Edition under the GPL license, Pimcore X now also offers a paid commercial edition. It is called Pimcore Enterprise Subscription and offers access to extensions and connectors (product data syndication, marketplace connection, automated translation, Adobe/Microsoft integration, Experience Portals). In addition, a commercial license ensures full legal security and access to SLA support, customer success, consulting, and LTS packages.

Open Source technology offers companies numerous advantages: In addition to technology ownership and full protection of intellectual property, a great TCO (Total-Cost-of-Ownership) can be achieved. This makes decision-makers in companies happy. Here you can find more details on why more than 90 percent of all businesses already use Open Source.

What is new in the biggest Pimcore release ever?

Pimcore's innovation model is based on introducing new features for the most part in so-called minor versions. Pimcore X is a major release, and this means that in this release the technical base of the product has been brought up to date. Thus, a huge amount of obsolete legacy code has been removed and attention has been paid to ensure the best backward compatibility.
View the complete list of 700+ improvements and new features on GitHub

Latest Open Source Technology for best Developer Experience

Pimcore's technological foundation has been completely revamped with the energetic support of 380+ great community members. Pimcore X is faster and leaner than ever, built on Symfony 5, PHP 8, and ExtJS 7. Symfony is the world's leading PHP framework with more than 600 000 developers and 50 million monthly downloads. The cleaned-up source code, its renewed documentation, and many new features and coding standards of Symfony 5 provide a more efficient working environment for developers and speed up the creation of Pimcore solutions tremendously.

Pimcore Data Importer for easier connectivity

Our customers now manage over 3,6 billion product data records, customer data, and many other entities in Pimcore. The new data import tool accelerates the exchange of data. It extends Pimcore Datahub with a comprehensive import function. Thus, it allows importing data from external sources and mapping the data to Pimcore data objects based on a configured mapping without writing a single line of code. This tool simplifies ETL processes and is free and Open Source - available immediately.

Recently released and immediately available in Pimcore X

Pimcore Experience Portals for PIM/DAM experiences without coding
Pimcore X revolutionizes the user experience for accessing data. Conveniently create portals for your partners, photo studios, or subsidiaries. For example, communications departments can now share photos or videos with their agency through a brand hub, or an e-commerce manager can create a self-service portal for a B2B reseller. Of course, it is fully configurable and includes comprehensive rights and role management, usage statistics, and much more.

New technology partners and out-of-the-box connectors
Pimcore now integrates natively with
Productsup to enable brands and retailers to publish product data to over 2 500 digital distribution channels, including Amazon and Google. DAM integration with CI HUB enables seamless access to images, videos, and data within Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. The standard interface to provides automated translation workflows for easier management of multilingual content.


"Our new Experience Portals are great for marketers, sales reps, and CTOs, who will benefit from fast out-of-the-box frontends and access to configurable settings without having to invest in any custom development - yet agencies and integrators can still make flexible adjustments at the code level." – Christian Fasching, CPO of Pimcore

„Pimcore offers powerful APIs for flexible integration of IT applications such as ERPs or CRMs, as well as an increasing number of out-of-the-box connectors to leading marketing tools. Every day we invite more technology partners to join our platform to offer many more co-developed extensions.“ Christian Kemptner, Marketing and Partner Manager at Pimcore

Numerous improvements for users and agencies

The new Perspectives Editor makes it easy to customize the view on managed data. User-defined perspectives can be set up for different groups within the company. No programming is required for this, the adjustments are made in the clearly arranged user interface. Many thanks for contributing this new feature to our partner Seitwerk!

The user experience of editing documents has also been greatly improved. Entering content in the DXP/CMS can be done completely without reloading the interface. More information is available directly on GitHub (8676 / 8660) and in the short video.


The AutoSave function for documents and objects ensures that changes cannot be lost. "Save early, save often" is thus a thing of the past. The feature automatically saves data after changes so your users don't have to.

The central terminology register of translation terms has also been revised. Plural terms are now also supported in the shared translations (pluralization support).

Pimcore X supports the MPEG-DASH standard for adaptive progressive video streaming (6603). This means that videos can be streamed automatically in a format optimized for all devices.

Also, countless performance improvements are now available. Examples include support for Opcache preloading, inheritance improvements, faster WebDAV, faster backend UI for asset previews.

Easier deployment in the cloud of your choice

We have improved the deployment of Pimcore in the cloud by massively simplifying the configuration of object storages such as Amazon S3 and Content Delivery Networks (CDN). In addition, the deployment of Pimcore applications has been drastically simplified as changes to the data model can now be integrated into CI/CD pipelines much more easily. Furthermore, the possibility to run Redis in cluster mode (Sentinel) as a cache allows for higher availability, maintenance, and improved caching performance.

Was that all?

On top of the great new foundation, many new features will emerge in the coming months.

A smooth update is guaranteed

We have been following "Semantic Versioning" (SemVer) since Pimcore 6.6. This means that backward compatibility breaks can only occur in major releases - upgrades within minor releases usually cause few problems.

Thanks to our great efforts, upgrading existing solutions to Pimcore X will be a smooth experience. First, upgrade to Pimcore 6.9, which offers full compatibility with any Pimcore X version. Then fix all deprecation messages and you can upgrade to Pimcore X immediately (please also watch out for notices in the code that modern development environments collectively display - not all features throw a warning, but all have been marked accordingly). If you encounter any issues during the upgrade that are due to a malfunction, simply create an issue on GitHub or post in our discussion forums. We will work to resolve it as quickly as possible.

For a full list of removed methods and all changes, see the upgrade notes in our developer documentation.

Pimcore 6 with Long Term Support

On June 14, 2021, we will discontinue support for Pimcore 6 Community Edition. To safely run Pimcore 6 after this date, the Pimcore Subscription with an LTS option is available.

Get started with Pimcore X

Thanks to our great community!

As always, we would like to thank our community for their invaluable contributions. Thousands of contributions from solved issues, pull requests, reviews, comments, and discussions were contributed to reaching the biggest milestone in Pimcore history. Pimcore would not exist without all the great members of our community who regularly help us improve the platform, participate in conversations, help other community members, translate Pimcore into other languages, and test and contribute new features!

If you want to follow along or help out, check out our blog section on a regular basis. You can also follow the development in real-time on GitHub. Or become a Pimcore Partner and receive newsletters, invitations to webinars, and more.

Thanks for choosing Pimcore. See you soon for the next version!

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