Partner Interview: Certimeter Group

Today, we are talking to a group of 3 companies: the first company is specialized in IT security, 2nd is a software development company specialized in PHP, Java and C-Sharp, and the 3rd company offers data visualization, big data, AI/ML solutions.
Partner Interview: Certimeter Group - Impression #1
Partner Interview: Certimeter Group - Impression #2

All three Certimeter Group companies share the same headquarter and office, and they have 130 employees, in which 22 are software developers. DGT Media introduced them to Pimcore. They have executed five projects together with DGT (Armani, Versace Retail Academy, Lavazza, and Dieci construction) and later on decided to offer solutions to the customers.

Since when is your company using Pimcore?

Our company is using Pimcore since 2015. We started with Version 3.1, then used 4.1, and built some showcase sites. We have followed all your releases up to the current Version 5. Our previous four projects have been developed in Pimcore 5.0.

How many developers are developing with Pimcore in your company?

Currently, we have 7 people doing development in Pimcore: 2 people are frontend Pimcore developers, and 5 are backend/frontend developers. 

How did your company get aware of Pimcore?

We became aware of your company in 2015 while performing software analysis and consulting activities on PIM-based projects.

Why is Pimcore the right solution for your company?

Pimcore is the perfect answer for our clients who need a single open-source system to integrate different applications like PIM, DAM, CMS, and eCommerce. All of our clients ask us for quality work and quick implementation. So, why use different systems for marketing management, omnichannel marketing, data integration, and data management? We recommended Pimcore as the right solution to integrate disparate applications. It’s easy to use and our clients are enthusiastic to work with it. It responds to all the specific requirements of our clients have, ensuring flexibility, usability, interoperability, and productivity from a single UI. Our programmers really enjoy it because of its extensibility, maintainability, portability, reusability, and testability!

Which Pimcore projects is your company most proud of?

Currently, our company has created 9 sites with Pimcore. 5 are showcase sites, and 4 are intranets and web apps with custom workflows. One project we did for Leasys S.p.A., a car leasing company with 280.000 cars. They are the market leaders in Italy with more than 20% market share and nearly 1 billion euros annual turnover. You can learn more in our Pimcore case study.

Why do you want to join the Pimcore Solution Partner Program?

First of all, we believe in your product— an open-source software used by large companies— that will enable us to grow with the entire community. It will also allow us to stay up-to-date with the recent release, and experiment with beta versions and pre-releases. Last but not least, being a partner will also enable us to get new projects, and help in community development around it, making Pimcore better known in our territory.

What are your expectations concerning the partnership?

Becoming a Pimcore Partner would allow us to acquire new clients, strengthen our product knowledge, and improve the skills of our developers in order to accelerate implementation for our clients.

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