pimcore 2.1 released

We're happy to announce the release of version 2.1.0. 

This release includes around 50 improvements, bugfixes and features submitted by the community and around 300 in total.  

We hope you'll enjoy this new version and are looking forward to your feedback. 

What's New? 

The following is just a short overview and not the entire list of new features.
To see the full list, please have a look at the commit log

Multiple Localized Fields

This feature was one of the most wanted features in the past, now it is available. 
You can now use as many localized fields container in your class model as you want, there's not restriction anymore. 

Language Permissions (Objects)

Not all users should see and edit any language within an object, now it's possible to restrict the languages within a workspace. 

Massive Amount of Languages

We improved the view of localized fields if there are many languages in use. The tab interface isn't very comfortable when having 15+ languages configured, so the system automatically replaces the tabs with a select box (incl. type-ahead). 

Batch Open/Delete Objects

Again a top 10 request :) Select as much objects as you want in the grid view (folder), click the right button of your mouse and there you go. 

(Localized) Asset Meta-Data

Add as much additional meta-data on your assets as you like without misusing the properties functionality for that. It's also possible to localize this data including a build-in fallback machanism. Currently there are only 2 possible data-types but we'll enhance this step by step. There are also some special meaning fields like the "title" and "copyright" on images. This fields are always present as they're used automatically in image editables and the thumbnail functionality. This means that a title on an image is automatically taken out of the asset meta-data when a page is rendered. 

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Drag & Drop Upload of Folders

Currently this feature is only available in Google Chrome. Just drag a folder into the asset tree and drop it at the desired location, all files within this folder incl. the folder structure are created in pimcore. All other browsers only support the drag & drop multiple file upload without folders. 


Asset List View

Additionally to the tile view on folders there's now also a list view which can be filtered. 

Login as as different User

Testing permissions just got easier. 

If you want to follow along or help out, check out our blog on a regular basis. Or follow the development in real-time on GitHub. Or become Pimcore partner and receive newsletters, invitations to webinars and more (wink)

Thanks for choosing Pimcore. See you soon for the next version!

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