Pimcore 2016: A Look Back....

As the year is winding down and 2017 is approaching, Pimcore can look back at a very successful and exciting year.  Our team has a lot to be proud of as do our global partners and clients.  As we look back through the past year, here are some important highlights from 2016:

Pimcore 4 Release: In May, we broke a Pimcore record with the biggest release in our history.  As a result of our development team’s hard work and dedication, Pimcore was completely revolutionized and rewritten to the most modern programming and coding standards.  The release came with a wide variety of new features and enhancements including: New UI, performance improvements, new e-commerce demo, document translations, google tag manager integration, ‘show in tree’ improvements, tags for elements, and a GPLv3 license.  In addition, the release came with an array of new features specifically for developers – details can be found in the Pimcore 4 release blog.

Frost & Sullivan: In 2016, Pimcore was honored with the Frost & Sullivan award for the Technology Innovation leader in the Content Management System Market.  According to Frost & Sullivan, “Businesses that utilize the pimcore CMS view the solution positively and exhibit high brand loyalty. This is notable due to the highly competitive nature of the CMS marketplace.”   We were honored to be the recipient of this great award, and would like to thank our global ecosystem for their help in Pimcore’s success.

Gartner:  Our team had the privilege of attending Gartner’s 2016 Digital Marketing Conference. For three days, we joined Gartner analysts in attending keynotes led by some of the most respected and forward-thinking minds in marketing today.  Our CEO, Dietmar Rietsch, presented on Pimcore’s web content management platform, company strategy, and highlighted some Pimcore case studies. We got some great insight from analysts and are excited to work with Gartner in the future.

APAC: Because Pimcore’s usage is expanding all over the world, it is important for us to have a presence on every continent – and we are now in APAC!  In 2016, we welcomed Brazn as our newest exclusive partner in the APAC region.  Brazn is a technology company that helps customers with leading edge solutions for the most common problems. Their main objective is to help customers move on from outdated legacy systems to a new solution that will fit to today’s problems -  and finding better, cheaper and more effective niche solutions that are best in the market today.  Their CEO, Adrian Lee, is a long time Pimcore user and his expertise will do a great service in the APAC region.

UNconference: In the Fall of 2016, we held our annual partner conference in Stockholm, Sweden.  The event was hosted by Ateles, our exclusive partner in the Nordics.  Our partners from all over the world came together for the event and used the time to learn more about Pimcore’s roadmap, accomplishments this year, and of course to have some fun.  We would like to thank the entire Ateles team for this event as well as our partners who actively contributed in making the event a success.

Case Studies: Another great achievement this year is the launch of our case study webpage.  All our partners have done a great job of submitting documentation of their customer case studies and we used these to display their stories on our website.  This is not only being used to showcase Pimcore’s success, but also to help understand the various pimcore use cases and as a sales tool to aid in the sales cycle. We have a collection of notable brands such as GANT, Burger King, IKEA, T-Mobile, Deutsche Bahn , and many more.

Pimcore Global Services: In collaboration with our exclusive partner in North America, OSSCube, we recently launched Pimcore Global Services in an effort to expand, help, and support our partners and customers around the world. Pimcore Global Services will be available to any partner who requires extended help in providing consulting, development, integration, training, or support to their clients. Pimcore Global Services is readily available to help you succeed all over the world.


All in all, 2016 has been a very successful and exciting year for Pimcore!  But it won’t stop here – we have a lot to look forward to next year including the release of Pimcore 5, the 2017 UNconference, and surely many new Pimcore projects.  

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