Pimcore 4: The Biggest Release in Pimcore's History

We are proud to announce the release of Pimcore 4. Pimcore has been completely revolutionized and rewritten to the most modern programming and coding standards yet is still fully compatible with previous versions. This release is the biggest in Pimcore’s history and brings a tremendous amount of enhancements and new features.

With the rising need for a centralized system for improved marketing and selling of products through distribution channels, an increase in demand and adoption of PIM, CMS, DAM, & Commerce software is prominent and ever-growing. As a key player in the market, our teams have been working diligently to enhance our products in order to keep up with the increasing market demand and our significant customer growth.  We are proactively aiming to improve with the same magnitude in order to set the bar high enough to a level our competitors cannot reach.

For everyday end-users

  • New User-Interface: The entire Pimcore backend has been migrated to Sencha ExtJS6 component framework which brings more attractiveness and speed to the platform.  It is powered by the latest ExtJS release, the most comprehensive MVC/MVVM JavaScript framework for building feature-rich cross-platform web applications targeting desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Performance Improvements:  50+ optimizations have been implemented into the release which will greatly improve the performance and stability of the entire system.  The combination of performance improvements and the usage of php7 gives Pimcore a tremendous competitive edge.
  • All New E-Commerce Demo:  A Brand new e-commerce demo has been created to show the basic idea behind the e-commerce framework as well as to document its functionalities by using real-world use cases.
  • Easy Translation of Documents: Easily translate documents by simply selecting the desired language from a drop-down menu and watch as the text changes.
  • Preferred Language for Editors: For sites with many different languages, each user has different priorities in regards to which languages they prefer.  With the new release, users can now have a personalized language priority list whereas before certain languages were stored in settings.
  • Google Tag Manager Integration: The GTM can now be directly configured in Pimcore.  The code is automatically integrated on the respective sites.
  • “Show in Tree” Improvements: An improvement of item organization will now allow our users to locate and access the desired items more easily – even with 100’s of pages.
  • Tags for Pimcore Elements:  With the new tag feature, it is now possible to create taxonomies and classifications for data stored in Pimcore.  Tags are managed centrally within a tree structure and can be assigned to documents, assets and objects.
  • Licence GPLv3:  With pimcore 4 we will align with popular open-source projects such as Drupal and Wordpress and release pimcore 4 and future versions of pimcore under the open-source GPLv3 license. The reason for this transition is quite simple: The use of the GPL license guarantees that innovations made with free software is contributed back to the community to benefit everyone.

For Developers

  • Configuration Files Are Stored as PHP Files:  Developers, click here

  • New Data-Types for Objects

  • CLI Tasks Managed by Symfony/Console (Core + Individual):  The CLI scripts now always have a consistent structure and provide an overview of all available commands. 
  • Localized fields in field collections: With this new feature, developers can now use the localized fields within any field collection.
  • New Document Editable for Embedding Social Contents:  As of now, users now have the ability to integrate any widget from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube into documents.  By simply entering the URL of the content, the widget will automatically integrate.
  • DateTime Replaces Zend_Date: With this update, DateTime will completely replace Zend_Date – with all new downloads of Pimcore this will be an automatic update; however, for existing projects this needs to be manually modified.

We are very confident that these updates will satisfy the expansion and evolution of our marketplace as well as the consumer behavior of our client base.  To get started, please visit pimcore.com to download our software.

Britany DiCicco
  • Partner & marketing manager
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