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Enhanced data import and data export capabilities and new reporting features.
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Pimcore 5, a major milestone in the Pimcore history, was released in September 2017. Due to a core rewrite to Symfony, a High-Performance PHP Framework for Web Development, Pimcore 5 is now more powerful than ever before.

Now, the first major update of Pimcore 5 is available. Pimcore 5.1 includes many new features. For PIM/MDM usage the data import and data export capabilities were enhanced. For CMS/UX usage the analytics, reporting and website personalization features were extended.

A major new feature is a core integration of Matomo Analytics (formerly known as Piwik). This open-source Google Analytics alternative gives organizations 100% data ownership & privacy protection of their analytical data. Due to a core integration of this tool, it acts as the foundation for many new reporting features on our roadmap.

A tremendous amount of 170 GitHub issues has been resolved for this release. Find a description of some of the new features below.

Object Mass Editing Grid

Data objects in Pimcore manage structured data of customers, products, employees, inventory, suppliers and more. The object grid is already a powerful feature because it provides a good overview when mass editing data records. We made the column configuration even more flexible by adding the following features:

  • Improved and more intuitive user interface
  • Users can save & share column configurations with other Pimcore users
  • Column configurations are not bound to a folder anymore, they can now be used across the system 
  • Especially useful for CSV export of data: Use operators to customize what is displayed in the columns. 29 operators trim or merge values, show metadata of assets, do counting operations and much more
  • Saved column views can be used in CSV imports for mapping data records faster

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Data Import and Data Export (CSV)

Importing and exporting data are essential tasks in any PIM/MDM scenario. In Pimcore data can be imported and exported in multiple ways. To automate recurring data transfer with 3rd party systems the PHP API and REST API are used. For manual, irregular data transfers a native CSV import/export feature is integrated.

This tool got pimped:

  • User interface has been completely updated (see screenshot)
  • Imports can now run in the background as a separate tab, while you continue working
  • A preview shows the first 20 columns of the import result, never mess up data by accident
  • Define a resolver, which is a unique key, to map your data faster
  • Save & share configurations and reuse them in future imports, this saves time
  • Use operators for imports (for example for automatically splitting 1 column into 2 separate values)
  • View a status report, which lets you double check the import result

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Matomo Analytics & Reporting

A native core integration of Matomo Analytics (formerly known as PIWIK) is now available. Matomo is the leading open source web analytics software used on more than one million websites in 200 countries. Pimcore is the first CMS/UX with a core integration of Matomo. Features of this tight integration include:

  • Quick integration of Matomo via the user interface of Pimcore
  • Retrieve website reports by displaying Matomo dashboards and widgets in Pimcore  (see screenshot)
  • Create your own Matomo reports in Pimcore with new reporting dashboard widgets
  • Use Matomo API to retrieve information about specific users (e. g. in eCommerce context) or page of your website

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Behavioral Targeting & Personalization

Pimcore provides a native Behavioral Targeting Engine. It allows you to personalize pages of your website, based on user behavior. This makes it possible to show contextual, relevant, and personalized content to your customers.

New features of this tool:

  • Server-side instead of browser-side tracking of user behavior. This allows a more granular personalization of documents and document snippets
  • Integration with the Customer Data Framework. This allows combining targeting with segmentation - comes especially handy in combination with eCommerce
  • Soon we will also integrate the behavioral targeting engine with Matomo, which will give you even more sophisticated personalization options

The ensemble

This release was led by Josef Aichhorn and Mathias Geat, with the help of these fine people. There are 100 contributors with props to the Pimcore project so far, a new high.

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So stay tuned...
The Pimcore Crew

If you want to follow along or help out, check out our blog section on a regular basis. You can also follow the development in real-time on GitHub.

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