Pimcore 6.7 - The Best New Features & Improvements

Thanks to our partners, developers, and Pimcore enthusiasts community, we have released Pimcore 6.7. Once again, your dedication to this project enabled us to take the greatest open-source platform for data management and experience management to the next level.
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New Features

Field Lookup for Objects

If you have very complex layouts, it's sometimes hard to locate the field you are looking for. With Field Lookup, you can easily find attributes and their values in complex class definitions. Note that you have to enable this in the class definition. Thanks, @weisswurstkanone 

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Areablock: Possibility to Limit the Usage of Certain Bricks

The areablock is the content construction kit for documents offered by Pimcore. With the new release, it is possible to limit the usage of bricks on brick level individually so that a certain brick (e.g. a video) can be only used twice within a block or page. Learn more

Thumbnails: Support for Embedded Clipping Mask in JPEG Files

8BIM embedded clipping paths are applied to thumbnails and, therefore, allow JPEG files with transparent background. Thanks, @brusch


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Out-Of-The-Box Support for Synonyms in Product Searches within the eCommerce Framework

Pimcore now provides out-of-the-box integration of synonyms in product searches by utilizing the Elasticsearch synonym feature. Sources for synonyms can be simple files, Pimcore assets, Pimcore data objects, database tables, or whatever source is wanted. Learn more about how we modernize search experiences in digital commerce on our blog.

Operator "Alias"

New Operator for grid configuration to rename columns to meet naming conventions for exports without modifying any data models. Learn more Thanks, @ckogler-elements  

Implementation of the Hobex Payment Provider

Hobex is an Austrian full-service provider for cashless payment systems and eCommerce payment solutions. Learn more Thanks, @andreas-gruenwald 



Pimcore 6.7 optimizes the core Elasticsearch capabilities by providing better performance:

  • We refactored the whole indexing process and archived massive performance improvements by reducing database locks and using parallelization. 

  • When using Elasticsearch we removed the additional mockup cache layer for product listings and are using 100% Elasticsearch now. This improves performance, especially when the additional cache layer is not filled, and simplifies the system architecture. 

  • When changing the Elasticsearch mapping, a reindexing of the index was sometimes necessary. For that, we now utilize built-in features of Elasticsearch and reduced the reindex time for big search indices from hours to minutes.

  • Pimcore now has out-of-the-box support for synonyms based on the Elasticsearch synonyms feature.

  • Elasticsearch Sort is now more flexible.

Learn more about how we modernize search experiences in digital commerce on our blog. 

Fulltext Search for Select Fields

So far you could filter a select field in a data object's edit panel only by a prefix. For example when you have the options Test and My test and you type test in the input field, you will only get Test suggested but not My test. With this PR the searched string can be anywhere in the option to get suggested. Thanks @BlackbitNeueMedien 
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Data Object PHP API Improvements

  • Optional PHP type declarations on generated getters and setters  (On class definition level PHP type declarations can be activated for generated getters and setters. 

  • Fix API-saving unpublished with empty mandatory field throws an exception

Fully Implement IsEqual for All Datatypes

We added an additional interface EqualComparisonInterface to identify data types that implement isEqual properly. The goal is that all data types implement isEqual in the long run, all data types that don't implement isEqual properly issue a deprecation warning. 

Config Option to Cache Rendered Snippet

Regardless if you're using the full page cache or not it's a good practice to enable the cache directly on the editable if the snippet result should be cached. You can now enable snippet caching by passing the configuration cache: true, or by enabling the full page cache. Learn more


  • Add pimcore.dataobject.postCsvItemExport event to modify exported CSV/XSLx data.


  • Add pre/post add/update/delete events for notifications.

  • Up to now the pimcore.system.cache.clear event was only dispatched when the cache got cleared via GUI. Now it also gets dispatched when the cache gets cleared via CLI command pimcore:cache:clear.

  • In case you're deleting a page and that fails, then the DocumentEvents::POST_DELETE_FAILURE event got triggered 3 times.

Parallelization of thumbnail commands

Now it's possible to execute thumbnail generation in parallel. So the time for generating thumbnails can be significantly reduced. This can be achieved by utilizing Webmozarts Console Parallelization. Thanks, @andreas-gruenwald 
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Decouple asset metadata editor tab from the actual implementation

This refactoring makes it easier to extend asset metadata, e.g. with additional data types. Thanks, @weisswurstkanone
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Learn about the most important changes and improvements of Pimcore 6.7 in Pimcore Academy and find all the changes on GitHub

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If you want to follow along or help out, check out our blog section on a regular basis. You can also follow the development in real-time on GitHub.

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