Pimcore and Productsup

New integration simplifies multichannel commerce and enables brands and retailers to publish product data on 2.000+ channels.

Salzburg, Austria: Pimcore, the leading open-source platform for seamless data and customer experience management, and Productsup, the leading e-commerce data integration company, announced a new partnership today. Their strategic alliance empowers brands and retailers to simplify their product content flow, and in turn, enhance the online shopping experience for consumers. The partnership was announced this morning, during the opening ceremony of Pimcore's annual conference, Pimcore Inspire.

“Now more than ever, businesses need to expand their customer base to drive sales and meet their revenue goals, which is why selling across a wide range of marketplaces, online stores and social platforms is essential,” said Johannis Hatt, CEO, Productsup. “However, managing products in a variety of channels to ensure content is personalized, up-to-date and consistent is exceptionally difficult. Our partnership with Pimcore removes many of the barriers that prevent companies from delivering a positive brand experience to their customers at every touchpoint.”

Productsup offers product content syndication and feed management for brands and retailers, empowering users to optimize and syndicate product content to various channels. Pimcore combines product information management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM), and master data management (MDM) to enable brands and retailers to easily manage and aggregate product and master data for any selling channel. The new integration between the two platforms allows businesses to deliver personalized customer experiences on any digital marketing, shopping, or business channel to optimize their digital commerce strategy.

"We're excited to partner with Productsup to enhance our offerings for customers and make selling online more accessible and manageable," appended Dietmar Rietsch, CEO, Pimcore. "This year has proven that a strong digital commerce presence is essential to compete in today's retail landscape. Joining forces with Productsup is the obvious next step to help our customers take their online game to the next level."

The integration provides a configurable API adapter connected to Productsup inside Pimcore's Datahub. Companies can define which data they want to syndicate and orders on which channels they want to sync back to Pimcore. Active clients of Pimcore's Enterprise Subscription get full access to this new capability.

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About Pimcore

Pimcore is an open-source software platform used by more than 100 000 companies worldwide. It offers state-of-the-art digital asset management, product information management, master data management, digital experience management, multi-channel publishing, and e-commerce. Acclaimed by analysts at Gartner and Forrester, its customers include Fortune 100 companies such as Pepsi, Sony, and Audi. The company's headquarters are in Salzburg, Austria. For more information, please visit pimcore.com.

About Productsup

Productsup provides an innovative SaaS platform that empowers brands and retailers to optimize and syndicate their product content to all digital marketing, shopping, and business channels, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Walmart. With agile data and seamless connectivity, the award-winning company helps customers break through data silos and get their products to market quickly. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Productsup is trusted by more than 800 businesses worldwide, including five Fortune 20 companies and market leaders like IKEA, Beiersdorf, ALDI, and Superdry.

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