Pimcore announces Stefan Gruber as new Chief Sales Officer

Pimcore is known as one of the leading Data and Experience Management Platforms. So far, it was very successful with its Open-Source Community Edition. Nevertheless, Pimcore is expanding and developed a new Commercial Edition: The Enterprise Subscription. This is where Stefan Gruber comes in.
Pimcore announces Stefan Gruber as new Chief Sales Officer - Impression #1

Stefan already started in 2002 as an intern of software development at elements.at, Pimcore's Strategic Partner in Austria. In 2008, he was the first project manager at elements, which was back then a small digital agency with 20 people.  And later he became Chief Sales Officer (CSO). When Stefan first heard about Pimcore's Commercial Edition, he was on fire and wanted to be part of it. So, here he is! 

Did you know that Stefan managed one of the first Pimcore projects in early 2010? That makes him probably the best fitting expert as Chief Sales Officer at Pimcore. Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore, has the same opinion on that: "Stefan has always been a loyal companion in my professional life. We have been working on joint projects and challenging solutions for more than ten years. He is a creative, dedicated guy who can truly move mountains with a huge - tangible - passion. And Pimcore is all about passion and love. The love for great products and demanding customers. And that is exactly what Stefan's DNA is all about. A great guy."

For Stefan, three points make Pimcore extraordinary, and they sum it up pretty well: 

  1. The brilliant idea and the big balls to create a so far unprecedented platform for managing data of all kinds and creating digital experiences. By a few motivated guys in Salzburg who are keen enough to take up the big players of the market.
  2. The platform itself is - not only in Stefan's opinion - the best data and experience management software the world has ever seen.
  3. The people who work with and for Pimcore everyday – the core crew, partners and the community. 

As Stefan adds: "The most important thing is that there is always love and passion involved. This is the only way to create something extraordinary."

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