Pimcore Beats Most of Its Competitors in Gartner’s Peer Review

The world-renowned analyst firm ‘Gartner’ currently rates Pimcore at an impressive ‘4.8’ and ‘4.9’ in the categories of Master Data Management and Digital Experience Platforms, on a scale of 1 to 5.
Pimcore Beats Most of Its Competitors in Gartner’s Peer Review - Impression #1

Apart from being an encouragement for Pimcore, these ratings have the potential of upsetting many of Pimcore’s competitors including established names such as SAP, Informatica, Oracle, in MDM PDS; and Salesforce, Adobe, Drupal, in Digital Experience Platforms or DXP. There are several parameters on which these ratings are based.

Four Core Sections Are Behind These Ratings

Figure: Master Data Management PDS

Figure: Digital Experience Platforms (formerly Horizontal Portal Software)

The first section, “Evaluation & Contracting” gets 5 out of 5 in both MDM PDS and DXP categories, in terms of customer satisfaction. This section is judged on parameters like:

  • Ability to understand your organization's needs
  • Timely and complete response to product questions
  • Pricing and contract flexibility (pricing and terms)

The second section, “Integration & Deployment” gets 4.4 out of 5 in MDM PDS and 4.8 out of 5 in DXP, in terms of customer satisfaction. This section is evaluated on parameters like:

  • Availability of quality 3rd party resources (integrators, service providers, etc.)
  • Ease of integration using standard APIs and tools
  • Quality and availability of end-user training
  • Ease of deployment

The third section, “Service & Support” gets 4.3 out of 5 in MDM PDS and 4.5 out of 5 in DXP, in terms of customer satisfaction. It is gauged on parameters like:

  • Timeliness of vendor's response
  • Quality of technical support
  • Quality of peer user community

The fourth section, “Product Capabilities” gets 4.8 out of 5 in MDM PDS and 4.6 out of 5 in DXP, in terms of customer satisfaction. It is assessed on parameters like:

  • Product Capabilities
  • Data Modeling
  • Information Quality/Semantics
  • Load/Synch/Business Services/Integration
  • Workflow/BPM
  • Perform/Scaling/Avail/Security
  • Stewardship Support
  • Information Governance Support
  • Product Stability

Customer Reviews: To Help Us Comprehend Ourselves Better!

There are elaborate, spiritedly written reviews about Pimcore by our customers. One of the top reviews for Pimcore’s DXP given by the CMO of a transportation company (firm size: 50M - 250M USD), is titled as: "Open And Customizable Software Which Meets Many Digitization Requirements."
In the review, the most likable parts they found about Pimcore were: digital asset management, flexibility, and Pimcore’s open-source nature. In the ‘Integration & Deployment’ section, the reviewer has given Pimcore 4 out of 5 points. The reviewer has cited ‘reduced time to market’ and ‘revenue growth’ as the reasons behind choosing Pimcore. Their overall experience in their own words is: “We like that the system is very open and customizable. It can meet many requirements, and we can use it for many different digitization topics.”

What Else Is in Store for Pimcore? Ample Opportunity to Improve!

Since these reviews are coming straight from the horse’s mouth and are completely unbiased and unaltered, they are a big source of inspiration for us and are proving to be highly instrumental in making improvements to our product. These first-hand feedbacks are sometimes even more valuable than our internal discussions and brainstorming sessions. That’s the reason we encourage all our customers to share their views with us after using Pimcore.

Gartner Helps You With Comparisons: To Get You Started!

As a starting point, Gartner peer insights’ offers you the opportunity to compare Pimcore with other vendors. The comparisons are based on aspects like: ‘Ratings,’ ‘Product Review Excerpts,’ ‘Customer Experience,’ ‘Reviewer Considerations,’ and ‘Reviewer Demographics.’ Apart from that, you can rely on elaborate vendor reviews to guide you in the right direction. Gartner also provides valuable insights and perspectives in the form of reports like, critical capabilities, market guide as well as Gartner’s magic quadrant, to assist you in finding the right product.

Pimcore’s high ratings on Gartner peer insights’, are a testimony to the fact that its capabilities and out of the box features are widely appreciated and implemented across industries. To know more, click on Pimcore’s review on Gartner.

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