Pimcore Partner Showcase: Basilicom

As part of our continuation of the partner showcase series, we interviewed Arndt Kühne, the Founder & CEO of Basilicom, an online agency whose product portfolio strategy ranges from the digital transformation to integrated eCommerce and eBusiness solutions to the digital realization of classic marketing campaigns. 

What are Basilicom’s primary business objectives?

Comprehensive digital and technical know-how are both key to devising lasting, efficient strategies. For us, consulting a client means empowering their business to have a digital future, by transferring our expertise from the earliest planning stage onward through the transformation process. We set the stage to enable technology and deliver powerful, digital-driven business models to our clients that offer them true, sustainable value. In other words, we make digital work.

What pain points do you help solve for your clients?

While talking about customer-focused business, omni-channel strategies and smart data, we still find clients dealing with inconsistent data and information, incoherent technical systems, overly intricate and passé processes, and last but not least, slow communication. These conditions won’t support a sustainable business, either today or in the future. For our clients to succeed, we need to rethink how their organizations are doing business. Confronting change, however, can foster insecurities. In that case, the first step is to gain necessary, digital age freedom and flexibility, by establishing centralized data sources. As a highly flexible framework, Pimcore enables us to go through each process, step by step, in an agile and gentle way. We develop customized solutions in close collaboration with our customers to assure easily implemented, efficient results, and subsequently, a sustainable return on investment.

What is your competitive advantage?

Like their business models, our clients’ needs are very diverse. We are truly able to see our clients all the way through a complete digital transformation, as both a strategic partner for brand management and communications, and as technical experts. From the earliest planning stages through final implementation, we set up their new digital business models for success. With Pimcore, we have the most powerful tool to create the best solutions, best suited to our clients’ needs.

What Pimcore project are you most proud of and what did it entail?

We can look back at a wide range of successful projects. For Deutsche Bahn we created (and continue to create) campaigns that are super sophisticated in terms of performance and speed. With the MRCM HTC project we administrated over 1.5 million active mobile users in Pimcore. For a Ferrero project, “Dein Gesicht auf kinder Schokolade,” we used Pimcore for the administration of 90.000 pictures of the candidates, stored securely in a Pimcore encrypted database. And at the moment, we’re creating complex data modeling for fabricators and retailers like Haneu, DAV and WG Autoparts, using every aspect of the PIM-functionality of Pimcore.

What lead you to partner with Pimcore?

Basilicom loves Pimcore. We’ve used Pimcore since version 1.0, and we’re still excited about the platform. In particular, however, we need a lightweight framework to develop customized solutions for our clients, and out-of-the-box systems just don’t work for that. Proprietary systems are rigid, expensive and tend to come with some kind of trade-off. With Pimcore, we don’t have to make any compromises and can create the fit the client needs. The PIM and DAM of Pimcore handle data and assets in the most flexible, easily maintainable ways. The Content Management Engine is the most powerful tool for clients to realize true multi-channel publishing, from web to print. Since we found the Pimcore system in 2010, there hasn’t been a single project that we weren’t able to realize with the platform. We are proud of having been an official partner since then, and are excited about the future with Pimcore and its strong partner network.

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