Pimcore Partner Showcase: Youwe

As part of our continuation of the partner showcase series, we interviewed Rob Wiek, the CEO of Youwe, one of the ten largest internet agencies of the Netherlands. With the partnership, Youwe is able to offer their clients a superior service that can help enable their growth. 

What are your primary business objectives?

Youwe delivers a holistic e-commerce approach to (international) B2B/B2C organizations. With this partnership, Youwe closely follows the evolution of the ambitious Pimcore platform and, as an exclusive partner for the Netherlands, we are also able to participate in the further developments of this omni-channel platform. This guarantees a distinctive value that we can offer to our clientele. 

What pain points do you help solve for your clients?

Nowadays our clients have to deal with a growing number of products, more channels and higher customer expectations. To stay competitive in a crowded market, it is very important to provide your target group 'on time' with personalized information, which is a huge challenge for e-commerce and/or Marketing Managers.  Youwe offers an integrated e-commerce solution, all with the help of the robust features (e.g. roles, rights, workflows) of Pimcore. This gives us advantages to stay relevant in a fast changing world. 

What is your competitive advantage?

Youwe is one of the largest internet agencies of the Netherlands and has a proven state of full service portfolio within the B2B/B2C industry. Our extensive knowledge enables us to solve complicated issues, like a high quality PIM installation with more than 1.6 million products and up to 200 attributes each. Due to years of experience in B2B, we know the impact of chain integration for the sector which helps us to think and act in different ways so we are prepared for our changing business model. 

What Pimcore project are you most proud of and what did it entail?

Youwe has helped many organizations to realize a more efficient management and publishing of product information on our e-commerce platforms for years. One of our most recent projects was for Heidelberg, who are well known for their high quality printing and software solutions covering the brands Kodak, HP, Adobe and Canon.  Within Heidelberg, there is more than one SAP ERP system and an impressive amount of products within their assortment. With this abundance of products, they were motivated to improve their product pnformation management procedures. In contrast to Magento, Pimcore does provide a solution to structure the product information flows for different countries, different SAP ERP systems and a vast amount for (duplicated) assortments for every branche. That’s all done with a team of certified e-commerce specialists with a broad knowledge in chain integration and PIM challenges.

What led you to partner with Pimcore?

The market demand initially lead us to partner with Pimcore as we have seen that the demand for competitive customer experiences and omni-channel commerce continuously increases. We are always looking for best of breed solutions to offer our clients distinctive value. Pimcore offers a unique solution with great flexibility due to comprehensive integration possibilities, powerful features and outstanding experience across all channels. But except the software, Youwe chose Pimcore because of their focus on long term relationships with partners and customers. We experienced Pimcore as being always willing to think about structural improvements based on our use cases and some improvements were even implemented in the core product. And, last but not least, they invest in sustainability by providing product- and sales training to partners. We look forward to a successful collaboration in the future! 

Want to become part of the next generation of Pimcore partners?  Please visit our partner application page.

Do you want to become part of the next generation of Pimcore partners?  Please visit our partner application page.

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