Pimcore Partner Success Story: DGTLS

Pimcore Partner Success Story: DGTLS - Impression #1

Pimcore has a very successful and diverse partner ecosystem around the globe. While all our partners are talented, there are some whose Pimcore achievements and successes never cease to amaze us.

DGTLS, a full-service agency based in Munich & Traunstein, Germany is a Pimcore gold partner whose team has continuously proven to be successful and have gone above and beyond to contribute to the Pimcore community.

In the past few months alone, DGTLS has delivered several successful Pimcore projects. All of them were highly detailed and took definite skill to accomplish. Here is a bit more about them:

Radio Gong, one of the most famous radio stations in Germany needed a total digital transformation as their current website had several issues such as an unreliable search engine, unresponsiveness to users, and therefore an overall issue attracting and retaining traffic. DGTLS implemented Pimcore’s CMS to not only solve all those issues but also product an entirely new and enhanced website for Radio Gong. All the details can be found here.

Praktikawelten is a leading German tour operator for volunteers, high school, work & travel, language holidays and internships around the world. They give students and young professionals a chance to work, study, or volunteer abroad – in other words important learning experiences. Even though they offered great opportunities, their website was performing poorly, not attracting enough traffic, and ultimately not leading to many bookings. The DGTLS team applied Pimcore’s CMS to organize and classify their website information more organized and efficiently, completely renovate and enhance the booking process, and implement many other sophisticated details that completely transformed their website and business success.

With more than 120 hotels in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Spain and Cyprus, the GCH Hotel Group is one of the leading hotel management companies in Europe. All 120 hotels had their own website, but each needed to be managed separately which was very time consuming. They needed a solution where all websites could be managed in a single-source and where they could create new templates for website design and easy maintenance. DGTLS was able to implement just that with Pimcore’s CMS and PIM solutions -the full case study is very impressive.

Most recently, DGTLS, used Pimcore to unite all websites and microsites that CDNetworks was operating for their branch offices around the world. With all the sites in a single-source, they were also able to implement granular permissions for each site, choose unique classification tags, and manage leads. The entire project was a true success.

This is just a snapshot into DGTLS’s success and we look forward to more from them in the near future. As a Pimcore gold partner, we are proud of the expertise they show in the market and how that expertise has translated into successful Pimcore projects.

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