Pimcore's University Research Reveals the Future of Digital Commerce

We are proud to collaborate with FH Hagenberg - one of the most renowned German-speaking universities for IT and media. Its research and education focus lies in the future of digitization. Learn more about the joint research project's latest results with the Silicon Valley of Austria.

For a great digital commerce experience, personalized search results are a vital success factor. With Pimcore, companies can accelerate their digital transformation, especially with complete and consistent product data. Our strategic partner elements, the original creator of the software platform Pimcore, decided to take on this challenge. The master students of the university FH Hagenberg worked together with our partner's developers. Together they created new features to optimize and personalize shopping experiences of the future.

Personalized product search

The study project's goal was to personalize the sorting of search result lists of Pimcore's digital commerce framework. Seven students of the master's program "Software Engineering" worked on the assignment in digital product development and agile project management. They based their research on the following parameters:

  • Surfing behavior of the user and derived user segments (based on Pimcore Customer Data Platform)
  • Order history of the user and derived segments
  • Orders from users who share similar behavior traits or characteristics as the current user ("others bought also")

The resulting Pimcore bundle is a product extension that adds the ability to customize Elasticsearch queries. Use it for searching for products using various personalization criteria, such as browsing history, purchase history of a customer, and the customer's assigned customer segments. The bundle provides a flexible and extensible way of personalization. It integrates into existing solutions easily.

The generic approach to personalization based on collected customer segments makes the bundle very flexible. The actual personalization parameters can be decided and set up individually for each project. 

A successful collaboration

The project proved once again the excellent cooperation and symbiosis of Pimcore`s open-source software platform with universities such as FH Hagenberg. We will drive this success story further and plan to develop and deepen our cooperation. We are already looking forward to numerous further joint research projects!

Christian Kemptner
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