Pimcore X Beta available for Early Access

Get instant access and start developing; get involved with the best Pimcore version to date as it develops. The final release of Pimcore X is approaching in big steps! Become an early bird and help us to gain feedback in a practical way. We are planning to release the final version of Pimcore X very soon.
Pimcore X Beta available for Early Access - Impression #1

Last summer, our core crew started developing Pimcore X. And we are proud that its beta version is now available for you! So, now is the time to test like crazy and get your bundles ready for Pimcore X. We are curious about all of your ideas and feedback!

As mentioned in the last two articles, Pimcore X works with up-to-date technology that makes it even more attractive. Next to Symfony 5 and PHP 8, it is based on ExtJS 7. Best conditions for the greatest Pimcore version ever.

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This beta version mainly focuses on the platform's technological modernization. So, there are already some new and fancy features included. All further features will be included in the upcoming feature releases. No worries, we will, of course, inform you about those releases as well. You won't miss anything concerning Pimcore X.

To get you some better insights, here are the answers to some questions you might have:

How long will Pimcore X be in Beta?

We expect the Beta will last approximately 1-2 months until Pimcore X's full release because we want you to test as much and as good as possible. In the end, we want to release a new Pimcore version that is better than everything else that you have seen until now. We will do our best to release it as soon as possible. But for now: Start testing! 

How is the full version planned to differ from the Beta version?

The final version won’t differ that much from the Beta version. The Beta phase will focus on bug fixes so that the final version runs smoothly.

What is the current state of the Beta version? To what extent can / should we already use Pimcore X in projects whose release is planned for Q3?

In general, Pimcore X is already feature-complete and well tested. Anyway, this is a Beta version, so there is a possibility that minor changes or errors occur. Beta version is perfect to test your bundles with it or – for the wild ones – to start first projects with it. So, keep on going! We really need and appreciate your feedback!

Will Pimcore X be priced differently?

No, Pimcore X will still be available as an Open Source Community Edition. Because we are an Open Source platform, and we will stay an Open Source platform! Anyways, Pimcore X will also be available for the Enterprise Subscription. Prices for the Enterprise Subscription will remain the same.

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

We value our Community because it is the main factor why Pimcore is as impressive as it is. So, we are not only planning to involve our community in the development process – we cordially request you to help us with the development. Let's make Pimcore X great together! Join us on GitHub and test as much as you can with your projects, bundles, etc.

What is the status regarding the migration paths from Pimcore 6.8 to X?

The Migration path will be available and we will provide a step-by-step guide on what tasks are necessary for our documentation.

Is there already an overview of the server requirements for Pimcore X? Will it differ from Pimcore 6? If so, how?     

The main difference will be the requirement for PHP 8. Other than that, it will be pretty much similar to Pimcore 6, but Pimcore X will provide more options in terms of cloud deployments.

All main changes at one sight        

Is it currently possible to install Pimcore X even if it is not yet officially released? If so, how?

Yes, just follow the installation instructions in our documentation. As you are used to it in all further versions, you can install the skeleton, as well as the demo version.


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