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To mark our new gold partnership, we interviewed the managing directors of Polargold Adde Adesokan and Farid Rawas. Polargold is a Hamburg-based agency that was founded in 2008 and has been involved in the industry ever since. Thalena Rumi sat down with the two directors to find out a little more about Pimcore's new Gold Partner.
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Hello Farid and Adde, thank you for taking time for us! May I ask you to briefly introduce Polargold? Who are you, what do you focus on, what makes you special?

We are an owner-managed digital agency from Hamburg. Our range of services has grown continuously since our founding in 2008, but our goal has always remained the same: To support companies in their digital transformation and to sustainably increase their competitiveness with our solutions.

Our core services include individual software development, web platforms, e-commerce as well as the implementation of PIM/DAM/MDM systems - just to name a few. All are supported by excellent UX/UI and Artificial Intelligence.

It is important to us not only to fulfill a customer order but to analyze together with the client what the real requirements are, whether the actual order covers the core of the need or whether, if necessary, further or other aspects need to be considered in the customer order. The industry in which we operate is highly complex and numerous factors have to be taken into account in order to ultimately generate an excellent result for the customer as well as for us. For example, how do existing systems interact, is product data managed efficiently, or is there a need to catch up here, is it multilingual data and if not - is this planned for the future and how should this data then be played out on the most diverse channels.

Our credo in consulting is: "Understand every relevant process of the customer." This automatically results in comprehensive insights. At the same time, it doesn't always have to be the really big existential thing to increase customer satisfaction effectively and efficiently. From the CEO who can deploy his people more productively to the editor who no longer feels robbed of his time thanks to eliminating redundant work, huge aha moments can already be generated. And that's exactly what makes it so much fun for us and the team. In the past, we developed a large part of these solutions ourselves - today, with Pimcore, we have an addition to our technology pool. This means that many requirements can be solved quickly.

You have been an official Pimcore partner for about 2 years now and have recently even become a Pimcore Gold Partner. Congratulations! Why did you want to become a Pimcore partner and why did you take the step to become a Gold partner?

First of all, as polarGOLD, it seemed stringent for us to strive for the gold partnership - that just gives a lot of material for word games. No - joking aside. For us, it was the only logical step - and out of conviction. polargold has been in the Pimcore business for more than two years and we have completed numerous successful projects with our customers. This has resulted in a highly interesting business area and we therefore naturally want to continue to support the development of Pimcore.

What makes Pimcore so special for you?

We now receive highly complex project requests, e.g. with multiple stores and multi-channels. These are projects that we, as developers and consultants, are naturally passionate about. It's not about simple off-the-shelf solutions, but about extremely individualized solutions - and developing them is a lot of fun! The nice thing is, the customer says from the beginning: "Pimcore is in the center with the Golden Record of the product data and is, therefore, the most important point of our data strategy". So the customer understands right from the start how essential this insight is and we can get started together right away.

The PIM/DAM is, after all, the golden record of the product data and plays an increasingly important role - especially when many different channels are involved. Of course, the ERP is the basis of all work. However, this initially only provides an article number and basic information. Our job is then to fill these articles with life, with data, information, differently prepared added values, which can be used accordingly depending on the end system. This is not just about article information. The area of safety for hazardous goods documentation, for example, or logistics with associated process data must also be taken into account. We are then talking - not only, but especially in the case of technical products with a lot of data - about extremely complex processes that need to be cleverly solved. And we simply don't see these requirements fulfilled yet in many other PIM systems.

You have already implemented some cool cases with Pimcore. What is the most fun part about it?

So that the customer understands as quickly as possible how simple the system is, we build a prototype directly for a live demo. Because a crucial Pimcore factor for us is speed. Pimcore is conceptually very clear, simple, and quick to use. It is therefore fun for our developers and customers alike and offers real added value. In this respect, it is a real game changer for us - both internally and externally.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the Pimcore community?

We are incredibly happy about the lively exchange and really appreciate that the Pimcore community is so close to each other. A great circle of partners who know and value each other. Hope to see you all at the next Inspire - 2022 in Salzburg.

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Author:Thalena Rumi
Thalena Rumi
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