Unlocking Service Sustainability: The Benefits of Long-Term Support

Long-Term Support (LTS) is essential for any organization building a future-proof business. Ensuring stability and many other factors, such a service model embodies a vital assurance for longevity.
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Introduction to Pimcore 11

Following months of dedication and meticulous efforts, Pimcore recently reached an exciting milestone - the official release of Pimcore 11. This latest version resolves 840 issues and pull requests, marking a significant stride in the development journey!

Once again, we want to extend our deep gratitude to the vibrant community of developers and contributors on GitHub, whose contributions have been instrumental in shaping this release!

Pimcore 11 provides improved code quality and structure, updated third-party dependencies, and fundamental refactorings. This version takes a significant leap forward, establishing new benchmarks for the Pimcore Platform and setting the stage for our future developments, with more announcements yet to be revealed. Through this release, Pimcore aims to provide a platform equipped to meet the future needs of businesses and continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

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Amplifying Your Pimcore Experience with the Enterprise Edition

Unlike the Pimcore Open-Source Community Edition, offering Pimcore Platform core features for free, the Pimcore Enterprise Edition is specifically crafted for businesses that prioritize flexibility and customization.

Why organizations love choosing the Pimcore Enterprise Edition:

The Product Experience Portal is a feature within Pimcore that allows for the centralization, management, and sharing of product-specific information and related assets, enabling businesses to provide outstanding product experiences to their customers. Further, Asset Experience Portals are another component that centralizes, manages, and shares media assets with internal (sales, marketing, product teams) and external (agencies, press, vendors, distributors, customers) users.

The Enterprise Edition further includes:

  • A commercial license
  • Additional features like Data Hub Extensions, SSO Integrations, Workflow Editor, Headless Documents, and more
  • Offering a layer of protection beyond the open-source GPLv3 license

Shifting the focus on providing a sustainable solution, the Pimcore Enterprise Edition entitles organizations for Long-Term Support (LTS), which is designed to minimize the total cost of ownership and maximize return on investment by providing access to security patches and legacy compatibility functionalities.

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The Benefits of Long-Term Support

Pimcore Long-Term Support (LTS) is a is a vital part of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition. It plays a pivotal role in many enterprises and projects, acting as a powerful mechanism that extends the lifecycle of your Pimcore installation, yielding improved return on investment (ROI) and significant cost reductions.

The notion of LTS originates from the understanding that enterprise-grade software solutions, like Pimcore, are a considerable investment in time, training, and integration with existing infrastructure. They are often at the core of an organization's operations, and a sudden shift in software versions can disrupt workflows, leading to significant productivity losses. Hence, a dedicated, long-term support system, such as Pimcore Long-Term Support, becomes an invaluable asset to a business.

Opting for Pimcore LTS means that your Pimcore installation is backed by continued security hotfixes and patches, even for certain legacy versions. This added layer of protection ensures that your critical operations remain uncompromised, delivering peace of mind and the confidence to focus on what truly matters – driving your business growth.

Moreover, the Pimcore LTS provides exclusive access to LTS extensions, even when the core software moves ahead to newer versions. This feature keeps your enterprise operations future-proof, allowing you to leverage new capabilities while maintaining the stability of your existing infrastructure.

End of Support for Pimcore X

Transitioning to Pimcore 11 and as a general approach of Pimcore at major releases will herald the end of support for Pimcore X . Consequently, the Pimcore X Community Edition will not receive any further bug fixes or security-related patches after August 16, 2023, as the software has reached the end of its lifecycle. We recommend upgrading to Pimcore 11 or, if you would like to receive further security patches, to Pimcore X Enterprise Edition.

Why You Should Upgrade to Pimcore 11

In today's dynamic digital landscape, a platform's ability to adapt and evolve is a requirement for sustainable business growth. Pimcore 11 has been designed with this principle at its core, setting new standards and establishing a solid foundation for future innovation.

The release of Pimcore 11 marks the introduction of foundational refactorings, structural enhancements, and optimized integrations. All these improvements aim to increase the platform's performance and reliability, paving the way for developing groundbreaking features in subsequent releases.

Embracing Pimcore 11 is not just about adopting a new software version; it's about equipping your business with a tool built for the future. The digital world evolves rapidly, and having a platform that can keep up is crucial. Pimcore 11 ensures your business stays ahead of the curve, ready for future challenges and opportunities.

If you're ready to explore Pimcore 11 and its benefits, a comprehensive upgrade guide is available in the Pimcore Documentation. Equip your business with the tools it needs to flourish in the digital era and stay future-proof with Pimcore 11!

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If you want to follow along or help out, check out our blog section on a regular basis. You can also follow the development in real-time on GitHub.

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