Welcoming new gold partners

Our partner ecosystem is growing very fast with new partners coming onboard weekly.  Our internal teams work very hard in order to acquire and onboard new partners, because we know that in return they will work hard for Pimcore and our products.  

We hold all our potential partners to high standards and expect that they meet specific requirements to show that they have a high level of product expertise and industry knowledge.  A small percentage of first time partner applicants possess an exceptional level of industry knowledge and have completed enough Pimcore projects that they are granted a gold partnership.  Our gold partners have usually been working with Pimcore for many years, have several Pimcore developers in their firm, and have a trophy shelf worth of Pimcore projects to showcase.  We recently welcomed two new gold partners, both of which had impressive applications and we are proud to have them as part of our ecosystem. 

Creating-web, based in Munich, Germany, recently joined our team as a gold partner.  They are a full-service digital agency and for many years have been specialized in web-based projects and on-line marketing strategies.   They address the specific needs of each of their customers with individual project guidelines and requirements.  They needed a reliable and flexible solution to offer their customers and therefore they chose Pimcore.  They came to us with a great deal of Pimcore expertise after completing 50+ Pimcore projects, and we selected them as a gold partner without any hesitation.  They are also very excited about the new partnership and just published a press release.

Woche-pass and their internal specialized team, W-vision are based in Sursee, Switzerland.  They specialize in developing custom-built web solutions and e-commerce applications.  They customize every project to match their customer’s exact needs.  They have several highly skilled Pimcore developers on their team and have completed over 100 Pimcore projects.  With such high qualifications, we knew right away that they would be a tremendous asset to our partner eco-system.  After trying out many of the well-known CMS systems in the market, they chose Pimcore for their superior features and feel that Pimcore outrivals them all.

Are you an experiences Pimcore user with extensive industry knowledge? If so, we’d like to hear from you.  Send us an e-mail at info@pimcore.com

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