Where to engage with Pimcore in February

Explore Pimcore's dynamic February 2024 lineup, from insightful webinars to engaging User Group meetups.
Where to engage with Pimcore in February - Impression #1

Reflecting on the vibrant atmosphere and the wealth of insights shared at the B2B Tech Day in Vienna this January, it's clear that the year has started on a high note for the Pimcore Community. Hosted by Pimcore Strategic Partner TOWA, the event set a precedent for the caliber of gatherings we anticipate in 2024, fostering an environment ripe for networking, knowledge exchange, and showcasing groundbreaking technological advancements. The enthusiasm and collaborative spirit that permeated the event in Vienna are just a glimpse of what's in store. As we transition from the excitement of January, the momentum continues. Let's explore where February will take us in the Pimcore Universe, promising more opportunities for engagement, learning, and innovation.

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Fast-Track Retail Success with Pimcore and a PIM Accelerator

Webinar | 8th February, 9AM PST / 6PM CET

This webinar, hosted by Pimcore Platinum Partner Credencys, offers an in-depth look at enhancing Product Information Management in retail through Pimcore and the Credencys Retail Accelerator. It covers the advantages of PIM systems, an introduction to Pimcore, the benefits of the Retail Accelerator, and its impact on various retail roles. Register to learn about strategic implementation, efficiency enhancement, and role-specific strategies for improving retail operations.


Pimcore User Group Bavaria

German | Munich, Germany | 27th February, 6PM CET

The next UG Bavaria focuses on the trending topics of automation, AI, accessibility according to EU Act 25, and integrating payment services within Pimcore. It's a chance for tech enthusiasts, product owners, developers, and PIM strategists to dive into the future of the Pimcore Platform. In order to start into a pleasant evening, catering is also provided. Hosted by Pimcore Platinum Partners Arrabiata Solutions & DGTLS, it's an opportunity for extensive networking and learning and gaining in-depth insights into Pimcore.

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Are you looking for a Pimcore User Group in your area? We frequently announce them here.

March(ing) Ahead: More from Pimcore Coming Soon

As we reflect on the successful gatherings and insights gained in the early part of the year, you can anticipate even more enriching opportunities in March. The journey continues with an array of events and digital sessions designed to foster deeper connections, learning, and innovation within the Pimcore ecosystem.

March's must-attend is the return of the legendary Pimcore Inspire! Join us on 19th-20th March for an unforgettable Alpine Expedition in the heart of the Austrian Alps. For more information about the program and tickets, visit the landing page. We cannot wait to see you there!

Stay tuned for more announcements, and be ready to engage in the transformative experiences that await.

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