Some insights into Pimcore X development

Pimcore X, the tenth release of the leading open-source Pimcore Platform will be released officially with the first release candidate on March 31, 2021. Ten years of Pimcore, ten years of advanced data and experience management in a seamless open-source platform. It’s truly amazing and the whole Pimcore crew is looking forward to this exciting day.

Today we are enlightened to share some Pimcore X insights, directly from the core team. We talked to our CTO and Co-Founder Bernhard "Bernie" Rusch about where we currently stand, what lies ahead, and how the whole core crew is working almost day and night on the latest open-source release – Pimcore X.

What is the ambitious plan? We currently refactor Pimcore and port it to the latest technology stack, which is Symfony 5, ExtJS 7, and PHP 8. Along with this, the whole application will also be modernized to provide both developers and users an even better experience. The upgrades to Symfony 5 and ExtJS 7 are already complete, and only the final touches are missing for PHP 8 support. Most of the refactoring is already over the hill as well. The first final release candidate will be officially made public on March 31, 2021. The further feature releases will then be added bit by bit, bringing exciting new functionalities for Pimcore X. Expressed in numbers: Currently, 75% of Pimcore X is fully developed. So, we are moving towards the final spurt!

The good news: March 31 is not far away.
The even better news: Pimcore X is currently ready for testing (e.g., for bundle development) and is already running smoothly. Just grab it via GitHub, while it is hot.

Oh, and by the way, Pimcore X is currently the first and, therefore, only data and experience management platform that works with Symfony 5!

If you want to see more detailed insights: We have built a project plan with milestones on GitHub. Here you can see at any time which milestones we have already achieved, and which are still ahead of us. We have already completed almost 300 issues and tasks! Have a look!

One part that Bernie and the whole Pimcore crew are particularly proud of: Our open-source community! It is not only us who develop Pimcore X. It is especially you! Thank you! You are actively reviewing and contributing, which makes Pimcore X possible in the first place!

So, this is also a little call out to all developers and the whole community: Take the chance and help us to shape Pimcore X.

The biggest challenge our core crew currently faces is the plethora of code dependencies relevant to the completion of Pimcore X. These dependencies are mainly with third-party components and libraries. Currently, this requires a great deal of organizational and communication talent, as our crew, in turn, has to get involved in other libraries for these systems to be compatible with Pimcore X, Symfony 5, or PHP 8.

So, in conclusion: Join us in looking forward to Pimcore X and the great new features! During the next few weeks - until the final release - we will provide you with regular updates in our blog. Stay tuned!

Thalena Rumi
  • Junior Sales, Marketing & Partner Manager
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