Pimcore X - First Minor Version with new features!

We released Pimcore 10.1 / X.1 today, adding incredible new features and improvements to Pimcore X.

Pimcore's innovation model is based on introducing new features in so-called minor versions. Since the release of Pimcore X in May 2021, our engineers have built many exciting new things on this new foundation. The first minor version - Pimcore 10.1 or X.1 - brings helpful new tools for developers and users alike.

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Static Page Generator

It is now possible to configure documents as static pages that get rendered statically in the background to deliver them at lightspeed to the client. In addition, a time-to-live for each document lets you configure the interval of regenerating the static representation of the document.

This new feature is a massive improvement for creating high-performing websites with Pimcore (81969447)!

Expression language support for calculated fields

You can now configure calculated fields using the powerful expression language of Symfony, which gives you the possibility to use the data-type without a single line of code (Documentation9662).

Groups for predefined asset metadata

The optional group setting on predefined asset metadata configurations lets you add a configured set of metadata to an asset (9019).

It is brought to you by Pimcore Gold Partner Blackbit! Thanks!

Improved data cache performance

By optimizing the write queue of the data cache, we were able to improve the performance significantly (9227).

Localized error pages

It is now possible to configure localized error pages either globally or on site level. The locale for displaying the right error page is resolved either by the request path (e.g. /en/foo/bar) or by the browser locale as a fallback (9270).

It is brought to you by Pimcore Gold Partner Factory! Thanks!

Better text editor for server file explorer

We're now using the Ace editor to display and edit text files in the server file explorer, which improves usability (9382).

Extended the support of required editables

The editable types image, video, link, and select now also support the "required" configuration (9610).

Our community member Marcus Haase provided this improvement. Thanks a lot!

Storage Migration Tool

A new command allows you to migrate data from one storage to another and uses a simple configuration that supports multiple storages. It is a helpful tool when migrating from a local installation to a cloud environment using object storage (9703).

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Thanks for choosing Pimcore. See you soon for the next version!

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