Productsup wins "Technology Partner Of The Year" Award

Productsup is happy and humbled to be named Pimcore’s “Technology Partner of the Year” at its Partner Award ceremony last year. Thank you to everyone at Pimcore for the award. Our recent partnership with Pimcore is really exciting for us and our customers, as together we can help brands and retailers achieve more, through better control of their product data.

The awards ceremony was part of the yearly Pimcore Inspire conference, where new product features, partnerships, and awards are announced. Here’s the video Johannis Hatt, our CEO, Vincent Peters, CSO, and Marcel Hollerbach, CMO, made to express our thanks.

Why We’re the Ideal Match?

Productsup has long been a companion of PIM systems. That’s because Productsup builds on and enhances what PIM offers.

You can think of PIM as the “golden record” of a brand’s data. It’s a centralized repository for raw product information, for use in online and offline contexts like websites, catalogs, and POS. And if PIM is the golden record, the Productsup platform lets you create an “agile data record.” Productsup extends the capabilities of PIM by making data manageable, optimizable, and tailorable – or, put simply, agile.

We help you make your data manageable and agile, so you can create channel-ready feeds. For multichannel retailers, this means data can be edited and then easily syndicated across every target channel. With Pimcore and Productsup in tandem, brands and retailers can prepare their content and distribute it to more than 2000 channels quickly and at scale.

What Our Partnership Means for Brands and Retailers?

Now more than ever, brands need to be able to constantly tailor their product data in bulk before sending it to target retailers, marketplaces, and marketing channels. Their content needs to be quickly optimizable for each channel, to keep up with an ever-changing eCommerce landscape.

Our partnership means brands and retailers will be able to achieve a shorter time to market, tailor and personalize large amounts of content, and ensure their data is always up-to-date. They can adapt quickly to new opportunities and breakthrough digital walls.

Together, we can help them drive more sales and meet revenue targets by expanding their customer base, and selling and advertising across more channels. And no matter how many product SKUs they have, they can give shoppers a positive, consistent experience at every touchpoint. The Productsup team is excited about the partnership, and we look forward to helping more brands achieve better control of their product data.

Thank you once again Pimcore for the award. We look forward to helping more brands achieve better control of their product data.

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