Two digital success stories that would never have happened without Pimcore.

We will probably describe 2020 as "a weird year". Surprisingly, the coronavirus is not the main reason for this description.

Of course, we also had to reschedule most of our goals very early in the year. How Pimcore helped us to act in a very flexible way has already been described in detail in our last guest blog article. 
Well, the year continued in a similarly exciting way, as we were able to implement various amazing Pimcore projects. We were allowed to present one of them during the virtual Pimcore Inspire 2020.  Anyway, we thought it was the highlight of the year until we learned that Pimcore nominated our extension"Data Definitions" for the "Extension of the Year" award.

A multichannel live streaming platform

But first things first. The initial success story had its origins back in 2013, when Robert Riener, professor of sensorimotor systems at ETH Zurich, launched the Cybathlon project. Riener was inspired by an athlete who was the first runner to climb the Chicago Willis Tower with a motorized prosthetic leg or by the first female runner with lower-body paralysis who ran the London Marathon with an exoskeleton.

This resulted in a competition for people with disabilities who, supported by state-of-the-art technical assistance systems, compete against each other in solving tasks relevant to everyday life. Because this year's global edition was planned without spectators initially due to the Coronavirus, ETH was looking for a digital live streaming solution.

And this is where we come in with our Pimcore services. We were the successful candidate and were allowed to implement this LiveStreaming platform for ETH Zurich. In doing so, we were also able to contribute our part to this incredible success story. We summarized the highlights of this project in a short video.

Pimcore extension of the year 2020 – Import and export data efficiently.

Now let's talk about our second digital success story this year. Our Data Definitions extension, which we implemented together with our freelancer Dominik Pfaffenbauer, solves a very tedious problem for many web projects. Almost all companies have third-party systems in which valuable data is stored. To be able to use these within a digital solution is a very frequently mentioned requirement. However, the implementation is often complicated and, therefore, expensive. With our extension, you can define your data object imports and exports via a beautiful user interface and then execute them accordingly. Thus, data imports and exports are not only elegantly solvable but also faster and cheaper to implement.

The Data Definitions extension was named as "extension of the Year 2020" by Pimcore. This exceeded our expectations and was the crowning glory of an exhausting, crazy, but in the end, very successful year.

We continue to be confident about the future and will create further great success stories with w-vision. We wish all Pimconauts a good end of the year and a happy new year!

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