What Does Pimcore Provide for Our Business Users?

Pimcore helps enterprises in scaling their business and providing great digital experiences

There’s an abundance of data available for a technical audience on the benefits of using an open source enterprise platform for PIM, CMS, DAM, and Commerce; and by using our product, developers become instantly award of this.  However, less material is available for business minded people on this matter and we want our business users to understand how our technology is being developed to serve them. The benefits of Pimcore can go on infinitely, but below we will discuss a selection of core benefits of our solution as well as qualities of our company that we feel can benefit our entire customer base.


It is very important to continuously innovate in a hyper-competitive market where the next generation of leaders can emerge at any time.  Pimcore is constantly challenged with new entrants in our market, expanding competitive landscapes, and new demands from our customers.  We know that if we can’t deliver, someone else will – and that’s why we are constantly working to improve and enhance our platform.  We strive to keep up with the ever-increasing market demand and satisfy our customers by providing great digital experiences.


A solution that promotes speed helps to create more opportunities and new possibilities. With Pimcore, our customers uncover that they’re not confined by the parameters of traditional software solutions. Our solution is 100% open source which opens the door for a new era of digital experiences. Companies can increase speed with everything that they do with limitless scalability and the ability to extend, modify, and build what you want, when you want – really fast.


As mentioned above, Pimcore allows you to scale as your organization begins to push your ambitions forward with aggressive innovation and expansion. You will never be confined into a certain space and our product will open many doors for you as you continue down your digital journey.

Open Source & Freedom

Because our product is 100% open source, our customers have the freedom to build whatever type of digital experiences they would like.  It allows a worldwide community to come together to bring about new ideas and build digital experience that greatly outperform proprietary models.   


We recently became the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Award as the Technology Innovation leader in the Content Management System Market. Frost & Sullivan recognizes organizations for their superior leadership, technological innovation, and strategic product development. As a recognized leader, we will continue to operate and improve in a way that demonstrates our leadership qualities and thus benefits our entire customer base.

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