Say hello to pimcore 2.0

The days of using a content management system to simply create webpages are gone.  Today's diverse mixture of channels, including your website, mobile apps, e-commerce, web-to-print and social presence, must all provide extraordinary customer experiences that cause them to take the action you want - from reading to purchasing, and even contributing.  Then you need to measure the effectiveness of the experience so you can rapidly improve it as needed to meet and exceed your ROI goals.  Improving site engagement must be simple.  Pimcore simple.

Therefore pimcore is more than just a CMS, DAM, PIM or e-commerce platform. It’s an integrated environment and the premier open-source Multi-Channel Experience and Engagement Management Platform.

Increase engagement with customers and users. Deliver rich & compelling digital experiences. Push content to any channel, any device, at any time.

Pimcore 2.0, the new back-end UI and of course unique and awesome new features like content targeting and personalization fortify our strategy and form our roadmap to the next releases. Our clear goal: Pimcore 2.0 is now clearly positioned as the most advanced and integrated open-source content management platform.

After months and months with lots of work we're happy to announce that we're going to release pimcore 2.0 very soon. 

But before we release the beast into the wild we would like to hear your feedback. During this bug-hunting period, please always try to use the latest available build (nightly) for your tests and look for an existing identical bug in the tracker to avoid duplicate bug reports. 

pimcore 2.0 is downward compatible to version 1, so it still based on ZF1 as it's core framework. Why it's not based on ZF2? Well, there are many good reasons why not: 

  • pimcore is used in many very critical projects around the world, we can't just drop the downward compatibility without an alternative. 
  • ZF1 is stable and reliable, the fact that there's now ZF2 doesn't mean that ZF1 is actually bad. 
  • And finally it takes a lot of time ;-) 

We are already working on porting pimcore to ZF2 but this will - of course - take some time. So stay tuned, we'll share the first alpha preview of pimcore 3 (based on ZF2) soon. 

But let's go back to the most advanced version of pimcore. What are some of the new features? Let me tell you in a short summary:

  • New Admin UI
  • Targeting & Personas
  • Plugin Generator
  • Inheritance for localized fields
  • UUID support
  • Search & replace for relations
  • SQL reports & custom reports
  • Multiple dashboards
  • New Data type "Image advanced" (Hotspots, marker & cropping)
  • PDF editable
  • XLIFF Export/import
  • Copy & paste of area bricks
  • Highres thumbnails
  • Document previews reloaded
  • Last opened elements
  • Fallback language
  • Use MySQL as default cache
  • Composer support
  • and numerous internal and performance enhancing features

Yes, this really is a big release. It's pimcore 2.0 and it needs some community testing. Thanks in advance!

If you want to follow along or help out, check out our blog on a regular basis. Or follow the development in real-time on GitHub. Or become Pimcore Partner and receive newsletters, invitations to webinars, and more.

Thanks for choosing Pimcore. See you soon for the next version!

Christian Fasching
  • CPO
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