Maston Oy saves significant amounts of business hours and speeds up internationalisation with Pimcore

Maston Oy is a Finnish industrial and technology company that develops and manufactures aerosol paints for a wide range of users. Its history dates back to 1968. The company is aiming for international markets and the importance of product information management has become even more important. 

The goal of the project was to have a data management system that could be easily adapted to future plans. This would be used immediately to solve the big challenges, but also as a basis for the future of the whole company in terms of information management. Pimcore was chosen because it was valued for its unlimited flexibility.

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Digital transformation requires a more agile business

Maston Oy has a wide range of products that are sold to several countries. The products are covered by a wide range of technical information, descriptions and language versions. The company's staff felt that the workload was heavy due to the constant search for information and the constant need to check whether the information was up to date. Sales staff were under a heavy workload. Updating price lists for different customers was laborious by hand. The manual preparation of product information sheets was challenging and laborious. The ERP system serves its role well, but it had been stretched to the limit on the product information management side. Even then, it was far from what was intended to be achieved. The company is aiming for international markets and the importance of product information management has become even more important.


Loiki Oy helped design the solution from the beginning.

The first step was to get to know the current situation and use it as a basis for drawing up a roadmap for the project.
The entire product database was imported at once into Pimcore, where the data models were designed in advance to be ready and compliant.
Product card bases were designed to automate the technical information and, as a special feature, the generation of pictograms through the attributes of the product.
The customer has an open source ERP called Pupesoft, which was integrated with Pimcore so that Pupesoft enters products with a certain status into Pimcore and they can be enriched further in Pimcore.
For larger customers, it was a constant challenge to provide excel-based product lists that were suitable for them. Customer-specific automation was created to allow salespeople to instantly provide new product lists to their customers. The salespeople are now saving significant amounts of time."


Significant time savings

Immediately after the launch, Maston noticed a big change in efficiency. In the first phase, the sales staff has especially experienced a great improvement in their work and are now able to quickly deliver price lists and up-to-date product information to their customers. The company aims to integrate several systems to communicate with Pimcore so that the same information is available in all systems and channels.

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