Digitization of Automotive Brand by Pimcore and Magento

Harald A. Møller is Norway's largest car importer and stands for the import of Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA and now SEAT in Norway. SEAT is today Europe's fastest growing car brand.

Business Needs

Møller re-launched SEAT on the Norwegian market in May 2018 after having taken a new direction towards a more young and modern profile. The average SEAT customer is ten years younger than the average new car customer, and therefore both Møller and SEAT wanted to challenge the traditional way of buying a car and instead explored new and innovative ways to reach their target audience. They chose to invest in a fully digital customer journey where a new SEAT is only five clicks away.

Pimcore Solution

The technical solution is based on the e-commerce platform Magento and the product information management (PIM) platform from Pimcore. Through the new solution, you can easily order a test drive and reserve a car and apply for loans directly on the website. Even the actual purchasing process is more efficient, in just a few clicks you have bought a new SEAT and the delivery time on many of the car models is as short as 6 days. The new solution also comes with a range of additional services that will make it attractive to own a SEAT, such as being able to earn money on the car through carpooling.

Pimcore Strategic Partner
  • SEAT Norway (Harald A. Møller)
Verwendete Produkte
Besuchen Sie www.seat.no

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