Case Study: Powerful CMS For a Trade Fair Circuit

Smau is a trade fair that has been supporting companies and professionals for over 50 years, through its impressive roadshow in Italy and Europe. The goal is to meet the need for innovation by promoting networking and professional updating.

Business Challenge

The main challenge was the complexity of a trade fair circuit. Graphics and technological features had to be completely redefined: customers needed access to a relationship platform that connects companies to the entire system of innovation. The platform needed to include digital players, startups, incubators, accelerators, training courses, and registration for events.

Pimcore Solution

For the development of this project, Pimcore is the ideal choice due to it's CMS, PIM, and DAM (including images, videos, and documents). Pimcore is also a powerful asset when managing the relationship among all subjects, thus becoming a single hub for the Smau back office. It is possible to manage the institutional content, the roadshow stages as mini sites (including registration), and the event availability.

Business Results

Thanks to the use of Pimcore, it is possible to have complete control over the site contents. With its powerful CMS, the updating of contents has become fast and intuitive, increasing user-related operations and content consumption. Customer Framework allows users to manage both the Workshop part and the trade fair events with complete control over the participants. Visitors are organized, profiled, and segmented for customized content.

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