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Video Thumbnails

Pimcore is able to convert any video to web formats automatically. It is also possible capture a custom preview image out of the video.

IMPORTANT To use all the following functionalities it is required to install FFMPEG on the server.
For details, please have a look at Additional Tools Installation.

Using Video Thumbnails in your Code

Examples - Image Snapshots
$asset = Asset::getById(123);
if($asset instanceof Asset\Video) {
   // get a preview image thumbnail of the video, resized to the configuration of "myThumbnail"
   echo $asset->getImageThumbnail("myThumbnail");
   // get a snapshot (image) out of the video at the time of 10 secs. (see second parameter) using a dynamic image thumbnail configuration
   echo $asset->getImageThumbnail(["width" => 250], 10);
Examples - Video Transcoding
$asset = Asset::getById(123);
if($asset instanceof Asset\Video) {
   $thumbnail = $asset->getThumbnail("myVideoThumbnail"); // returns an array
   if($thumbnail["status"] == "finished") {
      p_r($thumbnail["formats"]); // transcoding finished, print the paths to the different formats
             "mp4" => "/website/var/tmp/video.....mp4",
             "webm" => "/website/var/tmp/video.....webm"
   } else if ($thumbnail["status"] == "inprogress")  {
      echo "transcoding in progress, please wait ...";
   } else {
      echo "transcoding failed :(";

Using with the Video Editable

Please have a look at Video Editable.