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Google Custom Search Engine (Site Search ~ CSE) Integration


Pimcore provides a simple interface to the Google Custom Search Engine which makes it easy to integrate a search engine into your website.

Further information about Google CSE

Setup in CSE Control Panel and Google Cloud Console

  • Create and configure a new search engine at http://www.google.com/cse/ - for more information please visit: http://support.google.com/customsearch/ .
  • Test your search engine first using the preview on the right hand side.
  • If your results are as expected, go back to "Setup" (-> left navigation) and note the search engine ID
  • You'll need it later in the code (parameter 'cx' in configuration):

Google CSE Setup

  • Once you are finished go to https://console.developers.google.com/ create a new project, then search for Custom Search API and click on Enable. Custom Search API should now be listed under Enabled APIs in your project overview.
  • To get the necessary access keys, click on: Credentials -> Create credentials -> API key -> Server key Complete the setup as described and note the server API key.

Google CSE Server Key

Pimcore Setup

So now we got the search engine ID and a server API key which we need to finish the configuration in Pimcore.

Server API Key

Open the system settings in Pimcore and paste the API key into the marked field below and save.

Pimcore Google CSE Setup

Search engine ID

The search engine ID is used in your controller/action to configure the search service: \Pimcore\Google\Cse::search().

The place of interest (parameter cx) is marked with a comment in the code example below.

Code Example

Controller Action

See: https://github.com/pimcore/demo-basic/tree/master/src/AppBundle/Controller/AdvancedController.php#L85-L85


See: https://github.com/pimcore/demo-basic/tree/master/app/Resources/views/Advanced/search.html.php

Partial View Script (includes/paging.php)

See: https://github.com/pimcore/demo-basic/tree/master/app/Resources/views/Includes/paging.html.php