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Breaking Changes from former E-Commerce Framework Plugin

Configuration Changes

  • Migrated OnlineShopConfig.php to Symfony config and Symfony Service Container. This has some major impact on how services are instantiated and on some signatures. This hardly affects usage of the framework, but if you are sub classing and extending functionality, it will affect you. For details see Config Signature changes and E-Commerce Framework Configuration Docs

  • Replaced setting defaultlocale in Environment configuration with defaultCurrency

  • OrderBackoffice Translations moved to AdminTranslations

  • Findlogic Export URL changed to /ecommerceframework/findologic-export

  • Logging now with Symfony standard logging

    • Logs into certain channels: pimcore_ecommerce, pimcore_ecommerce_indexupdater, pimcore_ecommerce_sql, pimcore_ecommerce_factfinder, pimcore_ecommerce_es, pimcore_ecommerce_findologic
    • Log settings in factfinder and findologic configuration section are ignored

Code Changes

  • Changed from Namespace \OnlineShop\Framework\ to \Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\

    • E-Commerce Framework loads class aliases, so all old class names should work as expected
  • Replaced Zend_Config with Config - also in certain interfaces like

    • IPayment
    • OrderManager
    • Shipping
    • PaymentManager
    • PricingManager
    • TrackingManager
  • Replaced Zend_Paginator with new Zend\Paginator()

  • Replaced Zend_Db with Doctrine DAL

    • \Zend_Db_Select() becomes \Pimcore\Db\ZendCompatibility\QueryBuilder
    • \Zend_Db_Expr() becomes \Pimcore\Db\ZendCompatibility\Expression
  • Replaced Zend_Date with DateTime - also in certain interfaces like

    • ICart
    • ICartItem
    • AbstractOrder (still works if Pimcore is in Zend_Date - mode)
    • AbstractPaymentInformation (still works if Pimcore is in Zend_Date - mode)
    • AbstractOffer (still works if Pimcore is in Zend_Date - mode)
    • OrderDateTime Filter
    • IDateRange for Pricing Manager
  • Replaced Zend_Registry with Pimcore\Cache\Runtime

  • Replaced Zend_Currency with Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\Model\Currency

    • Methods toCurrency($value, $options), getShortName(), getSymbol(), getName() still work as before.
    • As $options 'display' and 'position' are supported.
  • Replaced Zend_Form with Symfony forms

    • all views that render payment forms have to be adapted
    • in E-Commerce demo add following snippet
<?php if ($form instanceof \Symfony\Component\Form\FormBuilderInterface) { ?>
    <p><img src="https://www.wirecard.at/fileadmin/templates/images/wirecard-logo.png"/></p>

    <p><?= $this->translate('checkout.payment.txt') ?></p>

        $form->add('submitbutton', \Symfony\Component\Form\Extension\Core\Type\SubmitType::class, ['attr' => ['class' => 'btn btn-primary'], 'label' => $this->translate('checkout.payment.paynow')]);
        $container = \Pimcore::getContainer();
        echo $container->get('templating.helper.form')->form($form->getForm()->createView());

    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function () {
<?php } ?>
  • Removed Zend_View

    • Changed constructor of AbstractFilterType (and all subclasses) - no $view anymore.
    • Factory::getFilterService now has no view parameter anymore.
    • Pimcore\Bundle\EcommerceFrameworkBundle\FilterService\Helper::setupProductList() - changed $view parameter to ViewModel $viewModel.
    • View scripts for filters now defined in Symfony template notation, e.g. "script" => ":Shop/filters:select_category.html.php".
    • Fallback for old view scripts path relative to PIMCORE_PROJECT_ROOT . "/legacy/website/views/scripts" - but they are also rendered with Symfony engine.
  • Price objects (IPrice) now use a value object instead of floats to represent prices. If you are calculating with prices (e.g. in custom pricing rules), this will affect you. If you are just using Price objects and displaying prices, this change should be transparent for you. For details see Price changes page.

  • CartPriceCalculator: property $gradTotal was renamed to $grandTotal - needs to be reflected in when sub classing the default calculator.

  • Commands namespace changed from shop to ecommerce.

  • Renamed tables:

RENAME TABLE plugin_onlineshop_cart TO ecommerceframework_cart; 
RENAME TABLE plugin_onlineshop_cartcheckoutdata TO ecommerceframework_cartcheckoutdata; 
RENAME TABLE plugin_onlineshop_cartitem TO ecommerceframework_cartitem; 
RENAME TABLE plugin_onlineshop_pricing_rule TO ecommerceframework_pricing_rule; 
RENAME TABLE plugins_onlineshop_vouchertoolkit_reservations TO ecommerceframework_vouchertoolkit_reservations;
RENAME TABLE plugins_onlineshop_vouchertoolkit_statistics TO ecommerceframework_vouchertoolkit_statistics;
RENAME TABLE plugins_onlineshop_vouchertoolkit_tokens TO ecommerceframework_vouchertoolkit_tokens;

RENAME TABLE plugin_onlineshop_productindex TO ecommerceframework_productindex; 
RENAME TABLE plugin_onlineshop_productindex_relations TO ecommerceframework_productindex_relations; 
RENAME TABLE plugin_onlineshop_productindex_store TO ecommerceframework_productindex_store; 
RENAME TABLE plugin_onlineshop_optimized_productindex TO ecommerceframework_optimized_productindex; 
RENAME TABLE plugin_onlineshop_optimized_productindex_relations TO ecommerceframework_optimized_productindex_relations; 
  • Renamed translations & permissions
UPDATE translations_admin SET `key` = REPLACE(`key`, 'plugin_onlineshop_', 'bundle_ecommerce_') WHERE `key` LIKE 'plugin_onlineshop%';
UPDATE users_permission_definitions SET `key` = REPLACE(`key`, 'plugin_onlineshop_', 'bundle_ecommerce_');	
  • IEnvironment:
    • added
      • getSystemLocale()
      • getDefaultCurrency()
    • removed
      • setSessionNamespace()
      • getSessionNamespace()
      • getCurrencyLocale()