Checkbox Editable


Name Type Description
reload boolean Set to true to reload the page in editmode after changing the state.
label string a <label> which is added in the editmode
class string A CSS class that is added to the surrounding container of this element in editmode


Name Return Description
isChecked() boolean Get status of the checkbox.
isEmpty() boolean Whether the editable is empty or not (alias of isChecked())

Simple Example

<?= $this->checkbox("myCheckbox"); ?>
{{ pimcore_checkbox('myCheckbox') }}

Advanced Example

Setting XYZ: <?= $this->checkbox("myCheckbox"); ?>

<?php if($this->checkbox("myCheckbox")->isChecked()): ?>
        <?php //do something... ?>
<? endif; ?>
Setting XYZ: {{ pimcore_checkbox('myCheckbox') }}

{% if pimcore_checkbox('myCheckbox').isChecked() %}
        {{ dump('do something') }}
{% endif %}