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Snippet Editable


Use the snippet editable to embed a document snippet, for example teasers or other boxes into your document.

Snippets are like little pages which can be embedded in other documents. You have to create them the same way as other documents (pages).


Name Type Description
defaultHeight integer A default height if the element is empty
height integer Height of the snippet in pixel
reload bool Reload document on change
title string You can give the element a title
width integer Width of the snippet in pixel
class string A CSS class that is added to the surrounding container of this element in editmode


Name Return Description
getId() int ID of the assigned snippet
getSnippet() Snippet The assigned snippet object
isEmpty() bool Whether the editable is empty or not.


 // Define a place for a snippet to be dragged onto, advanced usage
 <?= $this->snippet("mySnippet", ["width" => 250, "height" => 100]) ?>
{{ pimcore_snippet("mySnippet", {"width": 250, "height": 100}) }}