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CSV Import


The CSV import tool allows to you create & update existing objects from a CSV file. Various settings can be made regarding how existing objects are matched and how CSV columns are applied.


The CSV preview grid shows the first 20 CSV rows. Click the Search icon to verify your settings and to see a preview of the changes that would happen.


Column Configuration

The column configuration defines how CSV columns are mapped to object properties.

Operators can be used to change the way how the data is processed. See Operator Overview

Resolver Settings

Objects can be looked up in different ways. Your CSV export might have a filename column so you decide to match via the filename. There are different resolver strategies available. The simplest one is the ID strategy which expects that a column value matches exactly with a object ID. In some cases you might want to implement your own strategy. The Code Resolver allows you to do this.


CSV Settings

Give a short overview about the auto-detected CSV dialect.

Save & Share

Allows you to describe your configuration. A configuration can be saved and reused at a later time. Moreover, a saved configuration can be shared with other users or roles. For admins it is also possible to share the configuration globally. Note that you will still be owner.

Load Configuration

Load a saved configuration.

Import Export Configuration

Load a export configuration and create a rudimentary import configuration. Please note that a complete import configuration cannot be automatically generated on the fly. But there are at least certain basic options that can be automatically set.

Import Report

Lists all errors.



You can use the events described in the Events section to hook into the import process.

If you want to open the import window programmatically, use the following code:

            var dialog = new pimcore.object.helpers.import.configDialog({
                classId: 2,                         // the class id
                mode: "direct",                     // instructs the importer not to ask for the file
                importConfigId: 19,                 // the saved configuration id
                parentId: 63,                       // the tree parent id (optional)
                uniqueImportId: "news",             // the unique id of this import (IMPORTANT: CSV is expected to be available at ' PIMCORE_SYSTEM_TEMP_DIRECTORY + '/import_' + [uniqueImportId])
                additionalData: {                   // optional data passed to the event handler
                    something: "everything"