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The AnyGetter aims to allow you to get virtually everyting.

Let us assume that you want to first get the related Many-To-One relation (in this case an object).


After that, you want to grab the field collection (fc), get the second item (not shown) and display the `works' field.


Please be aware that for fieldcollections there is a special operator which does exactly something like that!

  • Label: The node label
  • Attribute: The name of the attribute you want to get
  • Parameter: A parameter you want to pass to the attribute getter
  • Array Type: If true then the getter will be called on all all child result values and the result will be passed up as array.
  • Return last result: Return the last non-empty result even if a child returns an empty result.
  • Forward Attribute: By default, child operators use the original object. By defining a Forward Attribute you can replace the "target" with the result of the forward attribute's getter.
  • Forward Parameter: Same as above.