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Pimcore Mail

The Pimcore\Mail Class extends the \Swift_Message Class and adds some features for the usage with Pimcore.

When you create a new Pimcore\Mail instance the E-Mail settings from Settings > System > Email Settings are automatically applied.

If the Debug Mode in Settings > System > Debug is enabled, all emails will be sent to the Debug Email recipients defined in Settings > System > Email Settings > Debug Email Addresses. Additionally the debug information (to whom the email would have been sent) is appended to the email and the Subject contains the prefix "Debug email:". This is done via an extension of the swift mailer RedirectingPlugin.

The Pimcore\Mail Class automatically takes care of the nasty stuff (embedding CSS, compiling Less files, normalizing URLs, replacement of Dynamic Placeholders...). Note that all CSS files are embedded to the html with a <style> tag because the image paths are also normalised.

Optionally, you can use html2text from Martin Bayer for the generation of the text version by calling enableHtml2textBinary().

On Debian/Ubuntu you can install it with: apt-get install html2text

Useful Methods

Method Description
disableLogging() Disables email logging - by default it is enabled
setParams(array) Sets the parameters for the email view and the Placeholders
setParam($key, $value) Sets a single parameter for the email view and the Placeholders
isValidEmailAddress(emailAddress) Static helper to validate a email address
setDocument(Document_Email) Sets the email document
getDocument() Returns the Document
getSubjectRendered() Replaces the placeholders with the content and returns the rendered Subject
getBodyHtmlRendered() Replaces the placeholders with the content and returns the rendered Html
getBodyTextRendered() Replaces the placeholders with the content and returns the rendered text if a text was set with $mail->setBodyText(). If no text was set, a text version on the html email will be automatically created
enableHtml2textBinary() html2text from Martin Bayer (http://www.mbayer.de/html2text/index.shtml) - throws an Exception if html2text is not installed!
setHtml2TextOptions($options) set options for html2text (only for binary version)

Usage Example

$params = ['firstName' => 'Pim', 'lastName' => 'Core', 'product' => 73613];
//sending an email document (pimcore document)
$mail = new \Pimcore\Mail();
// sending a text-mail
$mail = new \Pimcore\Mail();
$mail->setBodyText("This is just plain text");
// Sending a rich text (HTML) email:&nbsp;
$mail = new \Pimcore\Mail();
$mail->setBodyHtml("<b>some</b> rich text");
//adding an asset as attachment
if($asset instanceof Asset) {
   $mail->createAttachment($asset->getData(), $asset->getMimetype(), $asset->getFilename());