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HeadTitle Templating Helper

The HeadTitle templating helper is an extension of the Placeholder Templating Helper

The HTML <title> element is used to provide a title for an HTML document. The HeadTitle helper allows you to programmatically create and store the title for later retrieval and output.

Basic Usage

You may specify a title tag at any time. A typical usage would have you setting title segments for each level of depth in your application: site, controller, action, and potentially resource.

$this->headTitle("My first part")
     ->headTitle("The 2nd part");
// setting the site in the title; possibly in the layout script:
$this->headTitle('My Pimcore Website');
// setting a separator string for segments:
$this->headTitle()->setSeparator(' / ');

When you're finally ready to render the title in your layout script, simply echo the helper:

<?= $this->headTitle() ?>
<!-- renders My first part / The 2nd part / My Pimcore Website -->