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Case study: Sports retailer INTERSPORT boosts online revenue by over 80 % with Pimcore

INTERSPORT operates in over 42 countries with more than 5,300 stores. Offering a wide range of equipment for various sports, the company is a global leader in the sporting goods industry.

Facing the limitations of an outdated legacy system, INTERSPORT transitioned to a Pimcore-powered e-commerce solution. Merging the previously separate CMS and e-commerce systems enabled a state-of-the-art content commerce strategy. By leveraging Pimcore’s native APIs, INTERSPORT consolidated its fragmented data, leading to an integrated, user-friendly platform that enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and boosted online sales.

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Customer Key Facts

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Legacy system limitations and inefficiencies

INTERSPORT grappled with a disjointed IT landscape, characterized by scattered product data across various systems and file formats. Employees mainly managed product data using Excel files. This led to inefficient product management and a cumbersome website and online shop maintenance process.

The fragmentation caused by extensive customizations over the years also posed significant IT security risks. Plus: The separation of the e-commerce and CMS platforms hindered effective online marketing and sales strategies. The website’s customer experience was disappointing, compounded by its lack of mobile compatibility. This resulted in high shopping cart abandonment rates and missing out on two-thirds or more of mobile shoppers.

"Our new Pimcore-based online shop enabled us to increase online sales by more than 80 % compared to the previous year."
Mathias Boenke, Managing Director

Unified commerce platform with Pimcore

To address these challenges, Salzburg-based digital agency elements recommended a Pimcore-based solution to streamline the company’s online sales channel. The comprehensive Pimcore Platform facilitated the consolidation of disparate data sources – including retailer and customer records, product information, and stock levels – into a single system. 

In addition, local commerce capabilities and a flexible coupon and discount system were introduced. Inline WYSIWYG content editing and drag-and-drop product integration greatly simplified the creation of custom landing pages. Content management was largely automated, and product lifecycle management was established.

Over 270 independent retail locations now boast their own retailer website with a consistent appearance. And multiple shopping feeds automatically export product data to external marketplaces and shopping platforms.


Dramatic sales growth and increased efficiency

Implementing the Pimcore solution resulted in an unprecedented 80 % increase in online sales in the year that the solution was rolled out. This benefited all local retailers within the INTERSPORT franchise. The platform’s flexibility also ensures future readiness, showcasing the company’s comprehensive assets such as products, locations, services, and jobs. 

From a company-internal standpoint, employee satisfaction saw a significant boost. By eliminating repetitive tasks and speeding up product publication, the introduction of Pimcore made marketing efforts more efficient. Plus: The centralization of tools into one platform reduced training costs and fostered interdepartmental collaboration.

Key Results

80 %
increase in online sales
retail locations managed
countries managed

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