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Case Study: Fourfold Increase in Users for Online Ferry Booking System

Amatori is a maritime agency and tour operator promoting travel between Italy and Croatia. Its route includes connections through Ancona, Bari, Spalato, Stari Grad, Zara, Dubrovnik and Montenegro.

The core feature of Amatori website is an online booking system, that allows tourists and agencies to book ferries, cutting out any mediator. Due to an external change in a partner system, Amatori needed to quickly update the booking tool and got in touch with Extera, Pimcore Gold Partner.

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A completely new and integrated online booking service

In order to grant to users the ability to check availability, customize their travel and reserve ferry tickets to different destinations, the Amatori network needs to connect and exchange data with an external system. This external system had changed after many years, forcing Amatori to update the online booking service in a matter of a few months. This urgency led Amatori to plan a new booking interface. Extera introduced the client to Pimcore, suggesting a complete renovation of their site. Pimcore was the best choice to handle different aspects of the site experience and bring formerly detached services, split over different domains, together.

A connected website ecosystem for a consistent, user-friendly customer experience

Pimcore proved to be the perfect solution to manage the different requirements of the project. Extera’s developers were able to comply with all requirements of the new API. The new booking interface is able to adapt to different parameters such as language and device. Extera took advantage of the flexibility of Pimcore to make further integrations and quick changes economical and fast. The structure of the website is also easily adjustable to enable functional extensions and implementations. Pimcore had all the right tools to build tailored API-driven programs that proved to be totally matching the new website in multiple languages and cross-device wise.

Initial problem solved with performance and marketing benefits

The new, adaptable interface and more relevant website content resulted in a fourfold increase of website visitors on a year-over-year basis. Pimcore has brought many extras to the project. Not only in terms of site performance and goal conversions, but also on the marketing activities side thanks to Pimcore analytics features, that has given the team the chance to learn about funnels and user interactions on every page of the website. By understanding the dynamics of its audience, Amatori has improved its marketing strategies, adapting to new scenarios in real time. The Pimcore API now allows them to collect and store all data in a single place. Speed and uniformity of the website attracted new visitors and increased the number of ferry bookings. Pimcore has proved to be the perfect choice to satisfy all needs.

Key Results

Increased conversion rate
Increased Website Visitors
Increased Website Speed

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