Case Study: Camina & Schmid - Impression #1

Case Study: Pimcore PIM, DAM & Headless CMS for Camina & Schmid

As a family business, Camina & Schmid produces system fireplaces, heating and fireplace inserts for tiled stoves and fireplaces of the highest quality in Bissendorf near Osnabrück and Rathenow.

At Camina & Schmid, Pimcore was to be introduced as a central system for managing and maintaining product data and digital assets. In addition, the company's web presence was to be modernized by relaunching the website. Camina & Schmid placed particular emphasis on performance and user-friendliness. Therefore, the website was to be implemented as a Single Page Application (SPA).

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Complex product data, decentralized data management & different channels

Camina & Schmid specializes in high-quality fireplace systems and tiled stoves and has a large, world-wide sales network of specialized retail partners. Camina & Schmid's central sales element is a comprehensive product catalog that appears once a year and is designed in Adobe InDesign. The data for the product catalog was previously compiled in SAP, in Excel, and on various data storage devices and integrated manually into the product catalog. Due to the decentralized data storage, products were sometimes named differently in different departments and data records were duplicated. Added to this is the increasing complexity of the product data and the amount of information such as test reports, design drawings or cross-references to other products. Due to the inconsistent data storage in different systems and data sources, the creation of the product catalog was a time-consuming and error-prone undertaking that required intensive, time-consuming quality assurance.

Pimcore PIM, DAM & Headless CMS for Camina & Schmid

In order to centralize and standardize data management for both product data and digital assets such as images and graphics, the data management platform Pimcore was introduced in the Enterprise Edition. The PIM system was connected to SAP and Adobe InDesign via Easycatalog. Workflows for product data maintenance were also provided and correction and approval processes integrated. As part of the relaunch, Camina & Schmid's website was modernized and implemented as a Single Page Application (SPA). With this headless solution, only one HTML document is loaded and executed on the client side. When using the website, a new page does not have to be loaded each time, but only the content or data that is needed is reloaded. In the front end - the presentation logic - was implemented as a custom development based on the Vue.js framework. The data to be displayed on the website is transferred from the Pimcore system via a programming interface (API). The enterprise extension Headless Documents is used for this purpose. The website impresses with very short loading times and offers an outstanding user experience, similar to a mobile app. Thanks to the headless approach, the frontend application and the Pimcore backend are separated from each other and only communicate via the API. This means that the frontend and backend can be developed independently of each other without influencing each other. In addition, this architecture supports the best-of-breed principle and thus offers Camina & Schmid the option of flexibly expanding the system or, for example, connecting a different frontend in the future without having to revise the backend at the same time.

Case Study: Nina Gudorf, Head of Project Management & Senior Project Manager, basecom
"In this exciting Pimcore project, we implemented both PIM and DAM as well as the CMS functionality of the Pimcore Platform. The implementation of the website as a single page application is an innovative headless solution and a special highlight in this project. We are completely satisfied with the result. We are looking forward to continuing to further cooperate the team of Camina & Schmid."
Nina Gudorf, Head of Project Management & Senior Project Manager, basecom

Effective data management & an innovative frontend solution

By centrally managing product information and digital assents with Pimcore, Camina & Schmid has created the basis to provide data consistently and in high quality and to play it out across channels. As a data management platform, Pimcore provides the relevant data for both the creation of the print catalog and the website. The headless features of the Pimcore Enterprise Edition also enable the connection of a very high-performance front end that was implemented as a single page application.

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