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Case Study: Personnel experts online: The bilingual job portal of convent experts

convent experts GmbH is a personnel service provider based in Bremen and Oldenburg. The internationally operating company has specialized in the placement of skilled workers of special assembly and service requirements.

For the personnel service provider convent experts, which specializes in industrial projects and wind energy, the Junge Haie created a highly functional job portal with the development of a bilingual multisite that attracts applicants and simplifies administrative tasks.

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Customer Key Facts

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Expand reach and increase brand awareness

For the internationally operating personnel service provider convent experts, the task was to develop a bilingual job and training portal. The objective of the new online presence was to extend the reach and increase the brand awareness of convent experts. In addition, the unique digital selling point of the wind energy industry was to be strengthened and the number of job applications received online was to be increased.
Case Study: Anett Laduch, Managing Direktor
"The Junge Haie impress with their exceptional technical know-how paired with strategic competence and a feel for customer needs!"
Anett Laduch, Managing Direktor

Solving many challenges with the help of Pimcore

Using Pimcore as a basis, was created in two languages: German and English. The advantage of the multi-site was the easy handling of the content management system: With one login, all assets and pages can be edited by convent experts employees. Landing pages for individual job postings were added. Thus, job offers are highlighted and shared by potential applicants, bookmarked or downloaded as a PDF. In addition, application documents can be sent via the overlay mask "quick application". By using the interfaces of the personnel service provider software Landwehr L1 , an applicant portal with the possibility to import jobs was created. With the help of the digital asset management and the product information management system, it was possible to view the job advertisements and their applicants. In addition, locations, contact persons, applications, jobs or news can be maintained by dynamic objects in the PIM.

An efficient job and training portal

A responsive website was created that is highly activating for the user, enabling the personnel management expert not only to acquire new applicants, but also to manage them easily. Another result of the collaboration with the Junge Haien: a partnership with convent experts that continues to this day and is driven by further developments as well as updates.

Key Results

Reduced Bounce Rate
Website Leads Increase
Time saved in data maintenance
Increased Website Traffic

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