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Case Study: Dermaself, Your remote dermatologist: How to solve your acne problem simply and effectively

Dermaself deals with the creation and sale of dermatological products, in collaboration with a dermatological laboratory which guarantees their quality and reliability.

Dermaself's project is an online dermatology service that provides a simple, fast and effective system to treat acne in a personalized way. To do this, it asks the user for some information about their situation and offers them a subscription to a cream whose formulation varies based on the specific problem.

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Customer Key Facts


Provide anyone with a dermatological consultation at an affordable price

The proposed challenge is to be able to identify specific acne problems, without physically going to the dermatologist, and still receiving a personalized solution and constant support. The need of making the consultancy economically accessible is due to the customer target expected, specifically boys and girls in the 14-20 year age group.


An algorithm and AI

The solution provided by Dermaself is twofold. On the one hand an algorithm analyzes the answers given by the user to a series of simple questions about themselves and their skin, on the other the use of AI to identify the type of acne directly from the images that the user uploads. Every analysis is supported by dedicated professional figures, called skin specialists, to support the user and confirm the result obtained programmatically.

"We are satisfied with the potential of the platform. it is the ideal tool to ensure the scalability of Dermaself's business. Pimcore gave us all the tools we needed to meet the customer's requirements."
Giulia Brunetti, Project Manager and Senior Tech Lead, Sistaar

Satisfied customers after short subscription periods

The result obtained is that of having a fast and precise analysis system, a direct relationship between the customer and the skin specialist, who follows the process personally, and the sending of a personalized product directly to your home. All this gives the customer the same experience as going to a dermatologist, with the convenience of not having to go there and saving money.

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