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Case Study: Structure and the highest technological standard thanks to Pimcore

Link GmbH it is an integral part of the company's philosophy. Founded in 1967 near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the company not only has a long history to look back on.

A web presence that would reflect their brand’s high-tech performance through its user experience – this was what Link GmbH was looking for. The issue here though was that their website’s CMS, Pimcore, was idle and was lacking a product structure. Sandra Hiltscher knew that this was exactly where she needed to start looking for the right partner. Read here how codafish and Link GmbH tackled the project and got Pimcore back on track.

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Technology at the highest standard

This is not a modest goal, but for Link GmbH it is an integral part of the company's philosophy. Founded in 1967 near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the company not only has a long history to look back on, but also enjoys a prosperous present and looks forward to a promising future. As one of the largest manufacturers of magnetic contacts in Europe, Link is a trusted name in the development and production of sophisticated safety components. One aspect of quality that the company wanted to present to potential new customers was an improved online user experience. However, after taking a look at the backend, it quickly became clear that this was going to be a somewhat larger undertaking.
Case Study: Sandra Hiltscher, Marketing Manager, LINK
"Our website looks fantastic and is running better than ever. I feel that codafish always offers me the best advice because they have the expertise. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results. The collaboration is always reliable, packed with fresh, innovative ideas and, above all, it's fun."
Sandra Hiltscher, Marketing Manager, LINK

Categorize, enrich with information, deploy - the functional paradise of Pimcore

What do Product Information Management, Master Data Management, E-Commerce and Digital Asset Management have in common? That's right - not only are they music to the ears of structure lovers, they're also all powerful functions united under the Pimcore umbrella. In short, the system can effortlessly handle a mass of products and all the information that goes with them. Perfect for Link's second project goal and one of codafish's ultimate disciplines: product structuring. To this end, the team is currently creating a new data model in Pimcore that will serve as a redesign of the architecture for product updates. This involves categorizing Link's products, assigning attributes and integrating them into Pimcore.
Case Study: Timo Müller, CEO, codafish
"After completing the first project phase, we are now developing a new data model in Pimcore to redesign the architecture for product maintenance. To do this, we are working on a sensible categorization of all products, which we then gradually integrate into the CMS along with their individual attributes."
Timo Müller, CEO, codafish

codafish - when Pimcore expertise and a passion for structure meet

From the agency's perspective, no Pimcore hurdle is too daunting. But where there's a will, there's a way - and there was no shortage of motivation to get the ball rolling. Sandra felt this directly. “Right from the first conversation, we felt that codafish had completely absorbed and understood everything that we wanted to do. On a human level, everything was instantaneously at eye level. codafish recognized the problems that were there, listened to us and immediately and proactively drew up a comprehensive project plan,” says Sandra Hiltscher. Item 1 on the agenda and the biggest challenge: updating Pimcore to the latest version - and fixing the bugs of the past. These bugs didn't make it easy for the team. Because the content management system was not properly installed, Pimcore had to be repaired and the modules corrected and some removed.

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