Case Study: MEA Group GmbH - Impression #1

Case Study: asioso development of an employee portal for MEA with Pimcore feature

MEA Group, a leading international manufacturer in construction, industrial, and logistics, offers innovative products and solutions with 135+ years of experience.

Asioso developed the employee portal for MEA with the Pimcore Portal Engine. The project includes the extension of the Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) system as well as the realization of an interface with the ERP system. As a result, MEA product data is automatically exported from SAP to Pimcore, enabling data to be updated to the second.

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A user-friendly employee portal with a clear user interface

MEA was faced with the challenge of providing its employees with uncomplicated and centralized access to comprehensive product information and documentation. A thorough analysis highlighted the need for more efficient management of product information and media. Before asioso implemented the employee portal, this information was spread across different systems, which made accessing it time-consuming and cumbersome. In addition, the same data had to be maintained multiple times (per system). The objective was to guarantee employees direct access to product information and at the same time optimize the work/time required for processes to prepare and provide the data. By providing an intuitive and user-friendly platform, access to data and media should be made easier. In addition, a translation module and an interface to InDesign (easyCatalog) were introduced in order to generate and adapt product documents directly with the PIM data and in accordance with the MEA design specifications.
Case Study: Kim Minuth, Junior Product & Marketing Manager, MEA Group GmbH
"Pimcore is a great support when it comes to creating and managing product information and media. We can manage the data centrally and in a structured way for various output channels and also output it according to the country-specific product portfolio. The numerous functions could be individually adapted to our needs and requirements."
Kim Minuth, Junior Product & Marketing Manager, MEA Group GmbH

asioso's PIM and DAM Integration for MEA

Asioso carried out the project for MEA in order to provide employees with direct access to comprehensive product information. Specific measures were taken to overcome these challenges. First of all, there was an expansion of Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) based on Pimcore to enable centralized management of product information and media. Then the interface with SAP was integrated for data exchange to the second, so that the products are automatically imported into the PIM system. In addition, data structures and models were defined and optimized to enable better management and use of the information. The integration of an automatic text translation module to support the internationalization of information and the interface to InDesign (easyCatalog) to automate the creation of product documents (catalogs, technical data sheets, ...) with a reduction of lead times from 4 to 1 month were also part of this project.

Optimizing Data Structures: MEA's Journey to Improved Accessibility

By expanding the PIM and DAM, all product information and media are centralised, enabling efficient and consolidated management. The optimization of data structures and models significantly improves the organization and accessibility of data. Export mechanisms have been set up to facilitate the quick and accurate creation of external materials such as catalogs and datasheets, facilitating faster time-to-market and optimizing communication with customers and partners. The translation module supports MEA colleagues worldwide in the creation of language-specific documents and facilitates the automatic internationalization of information. The automated creation of product documentation with InDesign (easyCatalogue) significantly shortens lead times, resulting in faster delivery and more efficient use of resources.

Key Results

Time saved in data maintenance
Media Assets
Data Objects

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