Case Study:  MSG Online Gmbh - Impression #1

Case Study: Pimcore as the Golden Record at the center of a business multi-shop system landscape.

As an Austrian trading company based in Deutschlandsberg, MSG Online GmbH owns numerous online shops and stores in Austria and Germany.

The project involved the development and integration of ERP, multi-shop systems, and PIM to meet unique customer requirements. The PIM served as a central control unit for a complex multi-shop system with multiple languages and tens of thousands of items. It enabled automated content management, customization of product information, and flexible pricing.

Customer Key Facts

Product Attributes

Insufficient Data Quality

The project is an exceptional success story, where enterprise resource planning (Netsuite), a multi-shop landscape (Shopware 6), and product information management (Pimcore) were coordinated to meet the customer's highly individualized needs. PIM serves as a central control hub for a multi-shop business landscape. Successful integration of complex requirements from ten shops and numerous external marketplaces. Implemented in six languages with over 50,000 items. Generates self-adjusting product catalogs. Fully automates control of all content and categories for in-house shops. Streamlines individual product distribution across all channels. Allows for highly customizable product attribute management. Automated and flexible display of cross-selling categories. Efficient inventory management with location management for click & collect. Lastly, fully automates price calculation with currency and tax adjustments, along with price and promotion rules.

New centrepiece as a golden record

To successfully meet these requirements, Pimcore was used as the centerpiece for all product data, the Golden Record. The establishment was achieved in the agile software development process, in which not only the PIM was newly created but also Netsuite and Shopware 6 as a multi-shop environment were newly conceptualized and implemented simultaneously. Third-party providers such as Channable and EPOQ are also directly connected to Pimcore.
Case Study: Farid Rawas, Managing Director, Polargold
"Due to the user-friendly and intuitive operation of Pimcore, we were able to involve a very large capacity of our own knowledgeable employees in data refinement in a very short time."
Farid Rawas, Managing Director, Polargold

Accelerated time-to-market thanks to the use of a universal Pimcore

The part of the Pimcore solution focusing on Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) serves as a central component for managing product data and digital assets. This integration significantly simplifies the system, leading to user-friendly and efficient use. Impressive progress has been made in the project. The time-to-market has been reduced by 40%, enhancing efficiency. A 35% reduction in duplicate data improves data integrity and resource utilization. The system saw a notable increase in media assets, totaling 350,000, expanding the product catalog's diversity and reach. Additionally, product attributes were increased by 120, allowing for a more accurate product description. These enhancements boost system performance and customer satisfaction.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Reduced duplicate data
Product attributes
Media Assets

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