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Case Study: Targeted and innovative – an integral web platform for NeoVac

NeoVac offers solutions for the intelligent use and storage of energy and water.

NeoVac is a leading full-service provider of solutions for the intelligent use and safe storage of energy and water. For the digital relaunch of NeoVac, DACHCOM revised the existing website and developed target group-oriented entry pages with innovative functions based on Pimcore. Through automation, workflows, personalized URLs, and with the digital product catalog, various corporate and digitization goals could be achieved.

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Customer Key Facts

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The initial situation

As a full-service agency, DACHCOM took on the rebranding and redesign of NeoVac's online presence. To transfer the new branding to the website in digital form and to present the services of the Swiss market leader for heat measurements to the target group, a solution had to be found for the implementation of various interfaces. With numerous processes that can be mapped digitally and with workflows, a central solution with a direct impact on sales was created for NeoVac. Users have lookup, but also direct commerce options for purchase and subscription products.
"The website supports us in cross-channel, direct customer communication with segmentable and personalized content and offers our customers a maximum user experience. Automated lead generation funnels keep the effort per lead for the marketing managers as low as possible. "
Michael Eugster, Head of Marketing, Member o the Executive Board, NeoVac

The solution with Pimcore

Based on Pimcore, user-specific entry pages were created for the different stakeholders of NeoVac. Via the realized interface between Perfion and Pimcore, all existing product categories, documents and hierarchies were integrated into the new online presence. Thus, an integral web platform was realized, which makes all products, news, catalogs and activities of NeoVac accessible to the users. The revised NeoVac website is complemented by a Dynamic Search Bundle, which automatically completes search queries with topic-related articles from the areas of products, news and subpages. Through custom developments in the area of commerce and workflows, a business-relevant component was also realized directly in Pimcore.
Case Study: Raphael Schmitz, Project Manager Digital Solutions, DACHCOM
"Pimcore is more than just a web platform for NeoVac. Through various individual extensions, the platform could be expanded into a central lead and commerce tool for the company."
Raphael Schmitz, Project Manager Digital Solutions, DACHCOM

DACHCOM Services

In the course of redesigning NeoVac's online presence, DACHCOM created the technical requirements for all interfaces and created landing pages tailored to the target group. With a special focus on optimizing the website for mobile users, a "thumb-friendly" approach was taken to provide a particularly accessible user experience. With the PURL bundle developed by DACHCOM, NeoVac benefits from Symphony Workflows within Pimcore, which enables individualized and needs-based contact with customers. The maintenance of existing content and the creation of new content are managed autonomously in line with NeoVac's content management structures. By implementing the entire E-Mobility-Go ordering process, the commerce components were also added to the web platform.

Key Results

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