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Case Study: Four locations, one national museum – innovative solutions for rich exhibition and event program and 870,000 collection objects

With Pimcore, the Swiss National Museum combines its digital needs from three museums, the collection center and over 870,000 collection objects.

The Swiss National Museum comprises the National Museum in Zurich, the Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz, the Château de Prangins and the Affoltern am Albis Collection Center. With Pimcore, not only the overarching website of the National Museum but also the platforms of the respective houses were completely redeveloped and technically implemented.

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Customer Key Facts

870 000

The initial situation

Four locations with a lot of history: The Swiss National Museum represents the history of Switzerland in countless facets. Innovative solutions had to be found for the new website simply because of the volume of data. The former system had grown over the years and had a data structure that no longer met current requirements.
Case Study: Ueli Heiniger, Web and Application Engineer / Technical Project Manager, Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum
"With its enormous flexibility, Pimcore offers us exactly the right solutions for our needs. Thanks to the ingenious Datahub GraphQL interface, we can integrate diverse peripheral systems very easily and efficiently."
Ueli Heiniger, Web and Application Engineer / Technical Project Manager, Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum

The solution with Pimcore

The purpose of the new platform is to present all exhibitions, events and guided tours, as well as a selection of the collection objects of the four integrated museums in a uniform manner, without disregarding the special character of the respective house. The more than 7000 stored events were successfully migrated to the new environment using an interface between Pimcore and the predecessor CMS. A selection of the 870,000 collection objects is displayed via an interface on the newly developed Collection Online. The Pimcore bundle i18n developed by DACHCOM enables automatic language recognition and directs users from the different language regions directly to the corresponding language variants of the websites. By using Pimcore's DataHub, data is made available for several peripheral systems, for example, info screens in the museum, museum app and event platforms.
Case Study: Raphael Schmitz, Digital Solution, DACHCOM
"The collaboration with the customer is extremely positive and enriching for both sides. The demand on the platform is huge - and Pimcore always provides us with innovative answers to new questions."
Raphael Schmitz, Digital Solution, DACHCOM


For the integration of the new websites into the extensive services of the Swiss National Museum, DACHCOM has created the technical requirements for various interfaces. For example, data is transferred to several external tourism and culture portals. In the other direction, articles from the blog and data for job advertisements from the recruitment software are integrated into Pimcore. A selection from the collection of around 870,000 objects, as well as the over 7,000 events can be called up in a flash thanks to the implemented Dynamic Search. The search function also includes all exhibitions, events, pages, people, blog posts, media releases and public documents of the Swiss National Museum. For the automatic data migration into the museum app with integrated virtual museum tours, a modern and flexible GraphQL interface was implemented with the DataHub.

Key Results

10 000
Data Objects
7 000

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