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Case Study: More efficient data management and provision thanks to a PIM system

Städter is the specialist when it comes to baking. Based in Germany, the company sells over 3,500 products from the world of baking: from cookie cutters to baking mixes.

Thanks to a new PIM system, Städter is able to maintain the sometimes complex product information centrally and make it available to external partners and retailers. The resources freed up by the simplified data management could be used for other business initiatives.

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Implementation of a PIM system with connection to Navision as ERP system

Due to the continuous growth and constant expansion of the product range, it became increasingly inefficient for Städter to manage the product data in the familiar local file structure. To make matters worse, due to the strict regulations in the food industry, many products need to be linked to a large set of specific data, which can include up to 250 attributes. The ERP combined with local file structures offered limited functionality for product information management, and manually maintaining all the data took a lot of time and resources. The process was also prone to errors. Automated product range provision and campaigns were not possible. A PIM system was to provide a remedy here and simplify and speed up the maintenance and management of the data.

Pimcore PIM as the basis for efficient data management

Städter is a prime example of how an efficient data management process can be implemented in a company with the help of Pimcore's PIM solution, which also displays complex information hierarchies in a clear and structured manner. Thanks to Pimcore's API-first approach, we were able to easily connect PIM to Städter's existing ERP system. As a result, Städter is now able to manage its product ranges efficiently, systematically enrich product information and make it available across all channels. The PIM implementation also formed the basis for connecting the online store, which now also runs natively on Pimcore.

Efficient data management strengthens the entire business

The introduced PIM system with a connection to the existing ERP has greatly simplified the maintenance, management and provision of product information. Städter was able to save both time and personnel resources and use them for important business initiatives. At the same time, the PIM system forms the basis for cross-channel product communication, as the data can be used automatically for different purposes such as print, web systems or iOS applications. Partners and retailers who work with Städter also benefit from the new PIM system, as retrieving product data is now much easier than before. This has led to a strengthening of business relationships.

Key Results

Shortened Time to market
Time saved in data maintenance

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